Yummy Tuna ‘spaghetti’ – Recipe By Fashion Model Claudia Weis

July 21, 2014 by Claudia Weis

Hi all!!

This is one of the recipes people asked me on Instagram to please share, sorry it took a while.. but there it is! A great way to incorporate tuna, and more fish in to your lifestyle. Even the people that are not a big fan of fish will love this dish!

My mom asked me to cook for my family a week ago, (shit… it’s been a while since I post I know) we were in the mood for fish but my dad and my sisters husband are not a big fan of fish. Plus my little niece was coming and although she really eats everything (incredible for a 2 year old) we wanted to whip up something delish. So I thought what about Italian? Some kind of spaghetti, for the men the real deal and for me and my mom the zuchetti way (she is trying to lose some weight and I’m helping her out.. she already lost 3 kilo! Way to go mom!) Anyway I thought of some kind of tomato sauce, meatball kind of recipe and then thought.. why not tuna balls? Must be delicious right?

So there you go.. another recipe was created;-)

Oh and it may looks like a lot of trouble, but really it’s not.. My mom and I were done in 30 minutes.. Plus you probably won’t have to make this dish for 6 so you can add less tuna and then you won’t have to form so many tuna balls! Haha!

Tuna Spaghetti

for 6 persons

1 or 2 Zucchinis (for the spaghetti or regular/spelt ones)

For the sauce

2 tins of diced tomatoes
big handful of cherry tomatoes
1 big white onion, diced
3 pieces of garlic, crushed and diced
5sundried tomatoes
fresh basil, chopped

For the tuna balls

4 cans of tuna on water
2 eggs, whisked
2 slices of spelt bread, crumbled
fresh basil
5 sundried tomatoes
2 1/2 scallions, in small rings
1 lemon

1 head of broccoli
fresh basil to garnish
2 1/2 scallions for garnish, in small rings

Now you cook your spaghetti or you go ahead with the spiralizer to create spaghetti of your zucchini (what an incredible invention it is). When that’s done you can start with your sauce, get apan and fried the onions on medium heat, add the remaining sun dried tomatoes and after 2 minutes the garlic and cherry tomatoes. Give it a good stir and finally add the cans of chopped tomatoes. Add a bit of water and cook for about 10 minutes until done, don’t forget to season with salt and pepper.

Lots of tuna balls getting brown, crunchy and yummy

In the meanwhile you can make your tuna balls. Simply drain the tuna, season with salt and pepper a good squize of lemon juice and then you puree the tuna until it’s a kind of paste. Now it’s time to add 5 of the sun dried tomatoes in smaller pieces, the whisked eggs and the crumbled spelt bread (I did that in a small food processor). Add 2 1/2 scallions to the mixture and a big handful of fresh basil. Stir well until it’s one good mixture and then it’s time to form someballs. A great tip is to do this with slightly wet hands, makes it much easier. Fried the balls on medium heat until browned and done, in the same time you can steam your broccoli.

Now it’s time to plate up already! Start with your spaghetti, then add some broccoli, sauce, tuna balls and garnish with scallions and some more fresh basil, yummmmmmmy!

Bon appetit!

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Claudia Weis Model @ Max Models (rotterdam) Owner/Founder Hungry for Healthy Food


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