Interview With Fashion Model Yolita Gouneva

December 22, 2016 by Modellist-ID

Bulgarian fashion model Yolita Gouneva about her favorite photographer and on how dancing keeps her in shape in this exclusive interview…

Profession: Model and Dancer

Agencies: Rowan Summers (Manager), Claudia Model Management (MA), Eye Creators (Mumbai), K.model (Beijing)

Milestones: I did a shoot for a magazine in Mumbai, actually is my first one so I am very excited about that

Current location: My current location right now is Mumbai

How did you become a model?
In 2014 I went to an agency in Greece so from that time I started doing modeling. Honestly for me modeling is like dancing …I feel that through modeling I can express my feelings and emotions so that is why I like doing it.

Yolita gouneva fashion model interview Photo michalis lavdiotis

Photo by : Michalis Lavdiotis

In your own eyes, what was the moment that your career really took off?
I think after I talked for the first time with Rowan, my manager, and he believed in me from the very first moment. He managed to make my dreams come true …I am super excited that he is my manager and the communication is so good, something very rare nowadays.

What’s one of the most interesting shoots that you’ve done?
One of the most interesting shoots I did…there are actually two…one with photographer Konstantinos Giannakis. We did a shoot for a very interesting designer with very specific  requirements but in the end the result was amazing…They are actually my favourite photos. The second is a shoot, which I did in Mumbai with photographer Sharat Chandra for an editorial. I really enjoyed this shoot because the concept was very interesting and I am so curious to see the result.

Who’s your favorite photographer you’ve done a shoot with and why?
That is of course my beloved Konstantinos Giannakis, because he is a very funny, creative, easygoing person, and he makes you feel comfortable during shoots and of course he is just amazing. I really had good time at that shoot and I would love to shoot with him again.

Did you ever have a bad/crazy experience during your modeling career?
I had a crazy experience in Mumbai..I did an online shoot for lingerie and I had a total of 100 changes. I started at 10 am and I finished at 12 o clock, so for me this was really crazy and very exhausting, but it is was worth it because the lingerie was very nice so I am glad I did it.

Yolita Gouneva fashion model interview

Photo by : Undefiled Photography & Editing Thalia Zerfou

Are you working fulltime as a model or do you also study/work next to it?
No, I don’t work fulltime as a model, I also study social theology and I travel when I have time and it is comfortable for me.

Please tell us a bit more about your modeling agency/agencies and what you like most about them. 
As I said earlier Rowan Summers, my manager is amazing. First we communicate very well, which I think is very important for every model with his/her mother agent/mother agency, he understands me how I feel when I work in bad situations because he is a model too. He is always there to help me or to answer any questions I have at any time. He is very good with me and I am very happy we work together and I hope we work until I am not able to be a model anymore.
About my MA Claudia Model Management; I really love her professionalism, she is very fast in finding very good contracts and she takes care all of her models and tries to find them the best contracts. She is also very kind and I am very thankful of her and I really appreciate the fact that she chose me to be one of her models. I am curious to see my next adventures with these two amazing people.

What characterizes you and the choices you make in life?
I am a very strong person, I don’t give up easily so this is enough to proof that if I manage to do something nobody can stop me.

Yolita Gouneva fashion model interview

Photo by: Vagelis Valeodis

What is the latest spontaneous thing you did?
A hahah…Actually I don’t remember because I am a very spontaneous person, I do spontaneous things all the time.

What’s your favorite place to hangout in (current location)?
Mumbai is a very interesting city I can tell for sure. There are so many beautiful places you can see, but my favorite area is called ‘‘TOWN’’, because the buildings there look exactly like in Britain. You can also find buildings that look Chinese, it’s like you have the feeling you are in many countries but in reality you are in India.

What do you do to stay in shape?
Honestly nothing, I eat everything…Junk food, candies, chocolate but of course I take care of my body by dancing. I play my favorite song and I dance for three hours so I stay in good shape.

What is your biggest challenge?
My biggest challenge is to go to New York and if I manage this, my duty as a model will be completed.

Lolita Gouneva interview photo by : Thanos Charisis-Photography

Photo by : Thanos Charisis-Photography

Give us 5 fun facts people might not know about you yet.
– I am a very sensitive person, that is funny because most people who know me think I am very strong but in reality I’m very sensitive and weak.
– spontaneous I do sometimes silly things
– I study social theology
– I am afraid of swimming
– I am afraid of lizards and generally every insect.

What do you think MODELLIST-ID can do for the model community?
It is very good that MODELLIST-ID exists because models who now start to be involved in this industry can be informed via the site and read information about other models and communicate with them and all their questions can be answered immediately.

Do you have any model friend you would like to see presented on Modellist-ID?
Yes I have…she is not my friend, I just know her but I think she is a really interesting model, her name is ELEFTHERIA KEFALA.

Where can we follow you?
You can follow me on INSTAGRAM  yolitagouneva or on FB Yolita Gouneva

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