Working Away From Home When You Have a Family

February 15, 2019 by Modellist-ID

working away form home

Working Away From Home When You Have a Family

If you’re a model, you’ll be hoping to get the opportunity to take trips away for work, maybe even abroad – and who wouldn’t relish the chance to attend a shoot on a tropical island in the midst of winter? Many models have the luxury of being young, free and single, but that’s not inevitable. You could well have responsibilities at home that make it difficult for you to get away. If that’s the case, it can be a wrench leaving, but missing out on a fabulous modeling opportunity would be a real disappointment. What you need is a way to manage taking work trips without affecting the people who depend on you.

Leave the guilt behind

The first obstacle to overcome is feeling guilty about the prospect of leaving, even if it’s just overnight. Yes, your kids, your partner, a family member like a parent who you help look after will miss you, but you aren’t selfish, and they aren’t being neglected. It’s crucial for you to look after your own welfare and happiness because if you sacrifice too much of yourself, you won’t be as able to care for others. If you take your responsibilities seriously and devote yourself to your family the majority of the time, the odd trip away is more than justified, so don’t feel you’re doing anything wrong by accepting work away from home.

Making arrangements

The key to a successful trip is to make sure everything is covered while you’re away. That means taking care of the practical arrangements, like who’s taking the kids to school and picking them up? Do they need to go to after school club or a childminder? Who’s looking after your mom or dad, if you usually visit them every day and help out with their care?

It’s a good idea to draw up a plan that lists all the arrangements you need to make and who is going to fill in for you. Once you’ve created a master plan, you can reuse it every time you go away to save time and help avoid any forgotten items. You could look at in-home care services for your parents using an agency such as, arranging for a specialist carer to take over your responsibilities for a few days. If you already use home care services, talk to them about covering for the time you’re away.

Your time away

As long as you’ve taken care of all the arrangements and everyone you love is in the hands of trusted deputies, you should have nothing to fear, and there’s no reason not to go and make the most of your assignment. Your loved ones will want you to be happy and fulfilled, and it will make them happy to know you’re pursuing your dreams. Your kids may make a fuss at first, but it’s a valuable learning experience for them to be able to spend time away from you and know you’ll be back.

If you get the chance to go on assignment away from home, remember this is what you’ve wanted since you first decided to become a model, so take advantage of the opportunity and enjoy the experience.


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