Why We Love Them (by Kyrin Hall) – Pears!

February 1, 2012 by kyrin


Eating a pear is great for getting your daily fiber. 

A medium sized pear delivers a wopping 5g of fiber, plus potassium, magnesium and lutein (nutrient that supports the eyes). An easy juice recipe is celery, pear and ginger. Yummy.

Best to buy organic pears or wash them very carefully. They are among the 12 listed foods on which pesticide residue have been found.

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kyrin Kyrin Hall PhD is the founder of Health companies: Eat4energy.nl + Yoga4Runners.nl. She presents health programmes for Sky TV. Kyrin is a Nutritionist, Yogi and Endurance athlete. Kyrin believes you can transform the way you feel (with the right food + movement choices). In 2014, she became the ambassador for Filippa-K new soft sport-wear line.


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