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March 30, 2012 by Modellist-ID


MODELLIST-ID was created by Amsterdam based Valerie van Lanschot, Styling & Marketing professional together with Model and Business MBA holder Celine Prins.

How was this idea born?

Let us introduce you Celine Prins

“Modellist-ID is created out of a need, something I experienced was lacking in the industry. Till now there wasn’t such a network for international fashion models, which means that we never had a platform just for us to fall back on and to share tips and thoughts. During my career I have been send all over the world for work, which was a great adventure but where sometimes I truly found myself ‘lost in translation’. Even though I think of myself as a very adventurous person, having to switch and adapt to different cultures, people and languages in sometimes such a crazy tempo, can be quite a hassle. You never know what to expect beforehand and you are always trying to adapt fast to your new setting. The idea of creating an own network was confirmed when I was send to Sydney and where I realized after three weeks living together with a friend of my booker in an apartment, that one of my friends from Paris was also living in Sydney. I bumped into her on the street and didn’t know she was back in Sydney. She told me that she had a place to stay for me and could show me the nicest places of town. If I had known earlier I could have contacted her beforehand and would have had a great buddy to hang out with the first weeks of my stay in Down Under. Also being an international model but not a top model, gives you a different experience.

People have to realize that only 5-10% of the models out there make their way to the ultimate top, which leaves 90% to be a national or if lucky international model. If you are lucky you get represented by a top agency with a booker that cares about you, but this is not always the case unfortunately. In most cases bookers are busy making sure that you get booked and that you work while being under their wings. You can’t expect bookers to also take care over the whole social aspect of a model while being in a city. This makes that this industry can be very tough, difficult and lonely. Especially for the new faces under us, the first year can be pretty intense.

Together with some friends and colleagues we decided to build this network so we can all help each other out when needed and benefit from all the advantages this lifestyle also gives you. Modellist-ID stands for ‘the modellist of people’, ‘modellist of places and cities’ and ID-because Identity counts! Members need their Identity not only to log in but also to show and share…there’s more than only a pretty face…and we think that this information is worth reading and following.” Celine Prins

Let us introduce you Valerie Van Lanschot

A couple of years ago I met Celine during a fotoshoot where I did the styling. Since there was an immediate connection between us, we decided to get together a couple of days later for a coffee. She told me about her ideas to build a community for international renowned fashion models, which inspired me a lot. She looked for partners to broaden the idea and to build the company. After studying international fashion management and working for a long time in the fashion business in marketing, sales and styling, I was definitely ready for the next step! Now we have built a site for models and for those who are interested in the fashion model lifestyle. A site which I am very proud of and where I can put in all knowledge about fashion but also about food and health. Yes, a health freak I am and therefore I love to share tips and recipes with you. Hope you enjoy the site! Valerie van Lanschot


The website has two different sections. The closed section of our site is the model community. You can only subscribe if you are an international fashion model represented by an A-list agency. In the closed section, models get a lot of benefits. First of all the site serves as a tool in order to find each other, but also in order to share their tips, ask questions about industry related topics, get discounts on hairdressers, gyms and some products in the webshop, promote their favourite events, promote themselves through their own free portfolio, blog about their lives and experiences, do house-swaps if needed, upload backstage material and so on.

The other part of the site is the public site. We realized that being only a closed community was not enough. After some brainstorm sessions with fashion models we came to the conclusion that a lot of models would like to promote themselves also outside the community. They would like to share their experiences and also show their other talents next to their modeling careers. This is why we created a blog section and a backstage section. Next to this they told us that it would be of great help to be able to promote themselves and show their work to photographers and clients. We decided to give all Modellist-ID members a free portfolio so they can promote their latest work and list their top 3 agencies. Till now we had some great feedback about the layout of the portfolios. Interested in checking out the portfolios? Please go to the website and browse under `fashion` and check `portfolios`.

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