Why Indian sarees dominated the beauty of women for ages

September 5, 2018 by Modellist-ID

Sarees has enhanced the beauty of a woman for ages. The nine yards wonder is still the garment of choice for the most women. The fact that it can drape your body in the most beautiful way, hiding a multitude of faults and exalt your beauty to another level, speaks much about its versatility.

While most modern women think that sarees are suitable for only occasional wear, we beg to differ; Indian sarees or casual sarees can be worn to work for casual gatherings or even when you go out for shopping. The versatility of the garment cannot be ignored.

Casual Wear Sarees

Though you may be enamored by blingy sarees or sarees with heavy work there are some occasions when you want to wear something which is easy to wear and easy to carry and also can be worn for long hours with ease.

The latest casual sarees can be worn almost every day and can bear the brunt of daily wear and tear effortlessly. The sarees come in myriad colors and are fairly light in weight so that you do not have a tough time managing the pleats. Since they are pretty moderately priced they are some of the most sought-after sarees ever. So, indulge in some casual wear sarees online shopping and buy a few to upgrade your wardrobe.

Right from the chiffon sarees that you see in films to the simple cotton ones you wear at home, the nine yards fulfills so many of your style goals, more than you would care to remember really. The sheer variety of this garment and the fact that it is an owner’s pride for most of the women make it a very versatile and sought-after garment. But with the influx of media, people are elevating the saree to a whole new level. That’s right, designer sarees are the chosen garment for all fashionable ladies worth their fashion salt and Lashkaraa is the best website to buy Indian sarees online.

Bollywood Sarees

Bollywood sarees do form a major chunk in the lust-list most women are hankering after. To see beautiful actresses donning those designer sarees fires up our imagination for sure. Some images remain etched in our memory like Madhuri Dixit’s flaming orange saree in the film Beta or Kareena Kapoor’s gorgeous red one in the song “Chammak Challo.” Women have tried their hardest to emulate the beauties in every which way possible. So what are the latest designer sarees online which are conjuring up umpteen colorful images in a fashionable women’s mind?

Women like to turn up in their best attires at parties and weddings and hence party wear sarees are their chosen attire. Cocktail Sarees are steadily climbing up the fashion ladder owing to its manageability and beautiful fall. So whether it is color-blocked, meaning teaming up two colors, which are right at the opposite sides of the radar, or heavily sequined sarees. You can very well emulate your favorite Bollywood diva just with a twirl of your sensuous nine yards!

Prints and patterns, and quirkier the better. Yes, this is the age of the digital printing and you can wish for any print and it would be there to beautify your saree. Prints like animal print, chevron prints, and florals, paisley and so on. To up the quirk factor, go for a combination of prints think Deepika Padukone’s saree in the popular song “Lungi dance.” Bold colors and lovely prints.

So if you want to latch on to your favorite Bollywood Sarees do some sarees online shopping and tick all the style boxes with panache. Sameness and mundane are passé so what’s trending are neon colors. Electric colors like green, fuschia, blue and so on. If you are more on the prim and proper side, no sweat bring on the color but use it intelligently, rather than full-on neon color, do it with horizontal or vertical stripes and you would satisfy your not-so-bold side!

With the advent of the summer season, silk may not always be your choice of fabric. If silks feel heavy and cumbersome to wear, put on some light and frothy fabrics like georgettes and chiffons, linens and cotton. No sweat if you have a penchant for some designer sarees or some Salwar kameez online, online shopping portals are there to take care of your style issues.

Saree with Pants or Dhotis

Ah! This one is my current favorite, wear your saree with pants or dhotis and you will take the quirk factor to a whole new level. Cinch your waist with a belt and drape the saree around you like a pro. If you are unable to drape it the right way, look up some tutorials online and master the art of draping your saree differently. A few celebrities have been donning this style with aplomb and winning accolades with their exemplary style sense. The dhoti saree has been doing the rounds for quite some time now, and they are a modern and fun take on traditional sarees. Pair the sarees with a crop top with bell sleeves or choose a crop top with a Bardot neckline and you will shine brightly in the latest fashionable gear.

The versatility of the saree is what made it retain its popularity all these years. It has been reinvented in fresh new avatars all these years and is still a popular pick among youngsters and the seasoned fashionistas all alike. The fact that you can wear it like a gown, or like a dress or like a dhoti, can amalgamate the traditional style with touches of modernity. You combine the two and voila! You get a stunning combination!

Wear your sarees with crop tops or different kind of blouses to give it complete new look. Be it a ruffled blouse, or off shoulder blouse or bell-sleeved blouses. Try different variations of the same and it is the most fashion-forward look you can sport and do you know the best part you can also combine the crop top with high- waisted trousers. An added bonus!



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