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December 15, 2016 by Dorith Mous

Dorith Mous Fashion Model Review BenBits Healthy Lifestyle

You remember the days when there were excuses for the bad sh*t we were consuming?

Eating organic and maintaining a healthy lifestyle used to be something you had to really want. Be a health freak. Well, times have changed. Now, you gotta have a very good reason to not look after yourself. And trust me, I’m not talking guilty pleasures, cheat days and holiday vibes. I’m talking daily routine.

Yet, as easy as it is nowadays to find locally farmed vegetables, organic meats and naturally flavored drinks, there are still a bunch of products we all use, from brands we all know, that have a (or even several) bad effect(s) on our system that we don’t know much about. Think gum…

I chew gum often. Mainly cause I’m in people’s face all the time. Checking in, boarding, on set with another model or in hands of a make-up artist/stylist, so I make sure I have minty breath.

What I didn’t know, is that though you don’t digest gum, sixty percent of it’s ingredients, end up in your body. And what’s the point of having a healthy lifestyle if you chew gum all day, full of ingredients with names no one ever knows the meaning of, but are not very good for you to say the least?

The answer? Natural gum. Yes, I know what you’re thinking: “Ew, you mean those tasteless things that have the texture of car tire?” Well yeah, that’s about every brand I have tried so far, I hear you. But BenBits, the popular 80’s gum company, has reinvented the wheel and made a comeback with three different flavors, yum! So fellow gum chewers; no excuses left!

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