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December 10, 2018 by Modellist-ID

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Clothes shopping in Amsterdam is an experience you will never forget. The stores are as amazing as the city itself, so you will definitely find perfect outfits and accessories to fit your unique style. Be sure to prepare a good budget for this trip because there are way too many shopping areas that will make your inner fashionista swoon. And the famous 9 Streets will, no doubt, become your new favorite place in Northern Europe.

Best Places to Shop in Amsterdam: 5 Places You Cannot Miss

1.    Zipper

If you are on the hunt for vintage clothing, Zipper is the first place to go. And the selection there is so huge, this might be the only place you need. The shop offers you two floors filled with vintage garments of exquisite beauty. They are extremely versatile, so it’s a perfect store for finding signature pieces for your personal style.

Do note that Zipper is the secondhand heaven and stocks up on items you can see in Vogue. It also has a collection of classic pieces that are available despite the seasonal collection changes.

2.    De Negen Straatjes

The renowned 9 Streets district has so many great shops, it’s impossible to pick the best one. You definitely need to set aside a day to explore this part of the city. You should discover this place through walking tours in Amsterdam. The Nine Streets is renowned not only for its shops but also galleries and beautiful architecture. And don’t forget cafes, as some of the best in the city are located on these narrow quaint streets.

For a shopper, this neighborhood is a fairyland. You can find everything here, from top designer boutiques to small shops representing new talent to vintage stores. No matter your budget, there is something perfect waiting for you in one of the dozens shops littering the streets.

3.    De Bijenkorf

De Bijenkorf is one of the biggest department stores in Amsterdam. And it’s a place you must visit even if it’s outside your price range. The reason is that it’s located in a beautiful historic building and the store’s elegant design makes it more akin to an art gallery. But this gallery is dedicated to the art of fashion and luxury as a whole.

This is the department store where those who can afford it will be able to enjoy pampering. Tailoring, personal shopping, and spa services will ensure that your visit here is perfect in every way.

4.    Haarlemmerstraat

Haarlemmerstraat is a street not far from the central station. It’s filled with the most peculiar shops in the city. This is where you need to go shopping for unique and downright weird stuff. Form original clothing in styles you won’t find anywhere else to small knickknacks that will make perfect gifts for dear friends.

Take your time to visit every shop as they are so eclectic, you are sure to discover a multitude of fascinating things. This is the shopping place that will lift your mood on a bad day and provide many unexpected surprises. Small cozy cafes will allow you to keep the hunger at bay.

5.    Gekaapt

Gekaapt is one of the most interesting concept stores in Amsterdam. Located on Kinkerstraat, this store is full of fashion, coffee, art, plants, and even furniture. Its unique style is cozy, so you’ll feel as if you were home. In fact, you are sure to pick up quite a few things that will make your home cozier.

Also, you have to try the coffee they offer at Gekaapt. You’ll definitely get hooked on it and will be returning every time you are in Amsterdam. Note that the goods in the store are provided by sustainable businesses, so every purchase helps the planet.


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