When should you start Hunting for your wedding dress?

January 14, 2019 by Modellist-ID

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Hunting for wedding dresses begins with a lot of anticipation. Women wait their whole life for their perfect wedding dresses, one that meets all their dreamy expectations.

However, there are a lot of factors affecting this crucial decision. These factors can be peer pressure, parental approval/disapproval, gullible brides, etc.The time at which you pick your bride’s dress plays an important role, want to see how? Let’s find out.

When to Look for Wedding Dresses?

Let’s understand the importance of the right time for hunting for your wedding dress with an example. For instance, there are brides who cannot make their mind and settle for one dress. In their opinion, there is always something better out there. So for such brides, no amount of time is enough for shopping for wedding dresses.

There are some brides who rely heavily on everyone’s opinion. Hence their time pleasing and taking permission from everyone takes out all the joy, while some brides may fret and settle for something mediocre due to time constraint. The question arises, which time is the best time? Below mentioned are some scenarios to understand this in a better way.

1. Prior – Around 3-4 Months Before:

Booking your appointment way before the wedding and getting the most important task done seems the sanest to me. This gives you ample amount of time to rummage through all the best wedding dress shops like JJ’s House. With the time left on your hands after finalizing your wedding dresses, you can turn your attention to other things too. So having this task done much ahead of time is a good enough solution to avoid stress.

However, there are drawbacks to this as well. What if your weight fluctuates and the fitting which was done months ago cannot be altered? What if you find something new? What if you change your mind because you had a lot of time to contemplate? What if there is a new wave of a trend change in wedding dresses? In short, the level of uncertainty increases.

2. The Middle – Around a Month Before:

This time is the perfect time to finalize your dress. When there is enough time for the wedding but not enough for you to become casual and gain weight. In this window of time, you usually get swamped with wedding tasks and don’t think too much into it. So this time period poses as the most optimal time since there can be no severe fashion changes.

3. Close to the Wedding – Around a Week or a Few Days Before:

This is a scary time for you to start looking for dresses. Nothing good comes out of last-minute shopping filled with fretting and worrying. The pressure gets too much and you may even get cold feet. So this is not recommended.

However, there are some confident brides who are sure of their decision of being a latecomer, as they want to avoid all drawbacks of buying in too early. Kudos to those brides!

In case you’re fretting too, you can head to JJ’s House where you will get to chose from a wide range of wedding dresses.


Having a gap between finalizing the wedding dress and wedding should be at least 3-4 months. This is an optimal time to get done with this crucial chore.


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