When and How Often Should You Go to a Hair and Beauty Salon?

May 14, 2019 by Modellist-ID editor

Going to a hair salon is a kind of luxury that’s not a luxury at all. It’s a necessity instead and you need to do this regularly if you want your locks to be healthy and look nice. The frequency of your visits will depend on the treatments you require, your hairstyle, and your budget. As a rule, you should aim for as many visits as you can comfortably afford.

How Often Should You Colour Your Hair?

If you colour your hair, getting this treatment from a professional is the best way to go. This will be more expensive, but the result will look much better than anything you can achieve at home using products from a store.

Coloured hair will require regular salon visits to dye the grown out roots and renew the colour itself. With bleached hair, you’ll only need to do the roots and, perhaps, use a tinting product to create some specific shade of blonde.

In general, you should get colouring treatments every 4-6 weeks. Bleached hair should hold out for 6-8 weeks. Note that this ‘break’ is necessary for your hair to recover after the treatment. Colouring, and especially bleaching, damages it greatly. Therefore, dying your locks too often is dangerous, so wait for at least this long before getting another treatment.

How often Should You Get a Haircut?

First of all, mind the difference between a haircut and a trim. The former means changing the style of your hair while the latter is only removing about an inch at the ends to promote its health. For that purpose, you should get your hair trimmed every 4-6 weeks if you have a short hairstyle or up to every 4-6 months if you want to grow your hair out. More frequent trims are necessary to maintain the short style. Your barber should be able to help you schedule them based on your personal speed of hair growth.

As to getting a haircut and a change of style, you are the one to decide how often you want to get it. Your looks are on the line here, so don’t let anyone else dictate this matter for you. Making a drastic hairstyle change is a good idea when you need some help to cope with issues that occur in your life.

How Often Should You Go to a Hair Salon Just for Fun?

A visit to a hair salon can be a budget version of a spa treatment. This means it can be your chance for some simple stress relief. This is why you should always aim to not simply go to a salon but to go to a good salon where you can relax and enjoy pampering. The best places are designed to be soothing and there you can kick back in specialized chairs made for comfort and function. The stylist can give you treatments like a scalp massage and deep conditioning. Their main purpose is to make your hair look better and make you feel better at the same time.

When you are after this kind of service, you should go to a salon as often as you can afford. Finish this visit with a professional blow dry to look stunning when you leave.

But remember that going to a salon might not be a 100% pleasant experience. If you end up with a bad hairstyle or damaged locks by the end of it, you will only compound your stress.

Be prepared for your visit as this is the key to leaving it satisfied with the result. The most important things are to know exactly what you want and be realistic about it. Having impossible expectations and being vague are among the top behaviours that hair stylists hate.

Such things make it impossible for the professional to actually give you what you want. Remember that a hair stylist isn’t a psychic. They don’t have an image of your perfect haircut in their mind to match the one in yours. Therefore, to make sure that your visit to a hair salon is a relaxing and joyous experience it should be, you need to know what you want and how to explain it in a way that the stylist will be able to understand. Search for the images of your perfect hairstyle online and take the findings with you so there are no misunderstandings to ruin your look.


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