What to Wear for a Black Tie Event

February 7, 2019 by Modellist-ID

What to Wear for a Black Tie Event

Many people will only be able to indulge in a luxurious black tie event once or twice in their lives. With evening events increasingly calling for a ‘smart-casual’ dress code, black tie is becoming more irrelevant for most occasions. However, when you do receive an invitation for a black tie event, even the most avid of fashionistas may have nothing suitable for this decadent event. This guide will explain the rules, the fashion faux pas, and how to look as glamourous as possible for the duration of the night.


Black tie events usually translate to suit-jackets and white shirts for men and floor-length dresses for women. Most women, at these events, will opt for a subtle and modest gown in traditional dark colours such as black and grey. However, styles are becoming increasingly modern, and it is not uncommon to see a splash of red within the crowd. Choosing a bright but stylish colour can be a good way to give out outfit a tint of personality whilst still maintaining the elegant dress code of the event. In terms of the fit, the most traditional is a simple silhouette, although, more recently, slightly shorter and more fashionable cocktail dresses have become popular.

Gorgeous Fabrics

For the ultimate statement in the refined, it is not enough to simply have a beautiful dress. Choosing the fabric of your dress wisely can lend your outfit an extra sprinkle of elegance and luxury, keeping in tone with the black tie nature of the event. Fabrics such as velvet and a high-quality satin are both traditional and decadent options, which will help to make you feel confident and well-dressed whilst also being high-quality and known for their association with wealth.

Luxury Jewellery

No outfit is complete, however, without the perfect necklace or earrings, and donning statement jewellery can help you to make a captivating figure on the dance floor. Jewellery at black tie events should be luxurious and refined, and so you may want to opt for simplicity in both design and the jewels that you choose. Pearls are a traditional option for black tie events, and their classic nature ensures that they will never go out of fashion. To make your outfit extra special, the perfection of Kyllonen luxury pearls are the height of high-quality jewellery, with their pearl grading system ensuring that each statement piece that you receive is made from the best materials possible.

The Perfect Heels

Lastly, choosing the perfect shoes from the vast collection of different heels can be the difference between an enjoyable night and a fashion faux pas – or a broken ankle. You should ensure that you have the right shoes for the event. For instance, if the event is outside, you may want to opt for larger or lower heels that you usually would. However, floor-length dresses are the height of elegance when paired with heels, and whether you choose heeled sandals or stilettos, heels will add an extra sense of glamour to any black tie event.


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