What is the best Modelworkout? Tips to stay in shape and complete that model look:

January 27, 2019 by Modellist-ID

Is the ‘Modelworkout’ really a thing? Here is a quick walkthrough to complete that model look by Bodylab.

The Modelworkout: It’s early 2019 when the gym floor is taken over by people who like to work for the body they would love to have. Some of them rush to the weight and dumbbell area to swing them around for half an hour while others race to the first crosstrainer they see, put on some Netflix and come off when they’re done binging their favorite series. ‘Yes, this should be enough to get  that model look right?’ If you can relate to either one or even both of these people I want to invite you to continue reading about the tips and tricks in the gym for the real ‘model look’ & modelworkout.

The Model look
Before we begin with the modelworkout, let’s have a small look at the body type of a model. Whether if it involves a male or a female model, we can clearly see some similarities between the two. Let’s take shoulder width for example. The shoulder width of a male (or female) model isn’t bigger than that of the average person, though we love that shoulder muscles to show  a bit, whether with or without a shirt. The middle part of the model body is really simple to explain: ‘tight’. Where a six-pack is the new trend for male models, female models tend to have a small and tight waist. The lower body also has its own characteristics, where hips and upper leg muscles are shaped and toned, however never big or bulky.
To put all these points to conclusion: Models these days look fit. They look like they can run a marathon, swim across the ocean, climb Mount Everest and still look good at there photoshoot by 3pm.

model workout Bodylab

Training principles
So, how do they get that look? Well, for starters, remember this saying: Function equals form.
Do you want to be big and strong? Train very heavy with long breaks. Do you want to be skinny and don’t care about muscles or abs? Go ahead, grab that Crosstrainer. It’s really that simple.
So when you want to look fit, you will need to train to be fit. That means putting lifting heavy weights, bodyweight training, cardio training and core-stability training all together in your weekly planning.
The goal of each workout should be to burn calories in the fastest, most body shaping way possible. Try to have your heartrate up as much as possible for the effectiveness of burning calories. The easiest way to get your heartrate up and running is using open chain movements, squats for example. The body uses a lot of different muscles to perform a good squat, more active muscles equals more needed energy equals more burned calories!
Try to avoid heavy weights with small repetitions, you will soon find out that you will get bigger, though you might just want to ‘shape’ your muscles. Training with lower weights and more repetitions is your way to muscle shaping.

A Quick Workout Walktrough

The warming up
The warming should contain some metabolism boosting exercises. Simply ride a pedalbike for a small 5 minutes, followed by some core stability exercises: Bodyweight squats, lunges, pushups, planks and even Farmer walks!
After these stability exercises is would recommend an intense 3 minute Row session, to really get that metabolism and heartrate going.

Main Modelworkout
Your main workout, like we said earlier, should contain different types of training. Are you going to the gym two times a week? Try to do full body workouts every time, for example: dumbell chest presses, single arm dumbbell rows, back squats, standing shoulder presses and walking lunges. Do these exercises for 40 seconds straight, with a maximum of 20 seconds to switch between exercises. Rest for a minute and perform the whole circuit for 2 to 3 times. You have to perform repetitions during 40 seconds so we recommend you to grab a weight that isn’t too heavy for you. Try to focus on the intensity instead of the weight.

Can you find time to go to the gym three or more times a week? Try a Push/Pull/Legs scheme. Push-exercises for example are: bench-pressing, pushups, Sledge pushes and Triceps dips. Pull exercises: Deadlifts, Rows, inverted rows, cable crossovers and even bicep curls if you would like. The legs scheme is really all about legs, so: back squats, frontsquats, stiff legged deadlifts, walking lunges, hip thrusters. Try to push yourself into doing more repetitions with the shortest rest possible.

Near the ending of your workout, I would recommend you to end it with style. Push yourself into doing a last metabolism boosting exercise. Or an so called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). For example, do a kettlebell swing, Knee ups and mountain climbers for 20 seconds at maximum intensity. Rest 10 seconds and perform 2 to 3 rounds. Cooling Down
Your training should be done by now and you should be soaked in sweat. Just for a good cooling down, take a pedalbike for a simple, easygoing 5 minutes. This helps the body relax after your workout and you can still look good for the shoot by 3pm 😉

I hope this quick walkthrough has helped you with creating an image around this so called Modelworkout, and yes this really is a thing.

‘The goal for a Model look is not to look fit, but to be fit.’

Bodylab www.bodylab.nl
Rick van Oudgaarden Physiotherapist & Personal Trainer

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