Wear Red Lipstick Instead Of Accessories

March 2, 2015 by Eva Papageorgiou

Every woman dreams of creating her perfect outfit. That’s the main reason why we revamp our wardrobe every year and buy tons of cosmetic products. If you achieve style you like, you will feel more beautiful and confident. However, even when you pick your perfect clothes, it would look extremely uncreative without some additional details, such as accessories or make-up. One of the most effective ways to embellish your outfit is by choosing your perfect nuance of red lipstick. It’s simply amazing! It can be worn everywhere and with everything.

Wearing red lipstick may seem easier than it is. This is an entire procedure, starting with the choice of a perfect shade to combining it with your clothes. Moreover, it is an entire lifestyle!


What to Choose?

When you are choosing some product, you need to know explicitly what you expect from it. Red lipstick has always been a win-win combination for it goes great with every outfit, skin or age. More importantly, as the technology develops, many amazing long-wearing lipsticks are produced. So, it is always suggested that you use a classical red lipstick if you want to be sure about your looks.

If there is some reason why you don’t want to wear a lipstick, there are numerous amazing alternatives. One of them is definitely a lip gloss, which is especially great for young skin. It is used for achieving more casual and informal look, but its main flaw is that it wears off really fast. Instead, you should choose a lip stain or lip tint, which are shinny, delicate and chic.

Whether you love lipsticks or not, there is one thing every woman needs to have – a lip balm. This multifunctional product is primarily used for moisturizing your lips and making them soft, but you can also choose it for making more interesting effect.


Fifty Shades of Red

There are dozens of shades of red and it’s up to you to choose the one which suits you best. There are numerous ways to determine that, starting with your complexity. Generally, all nuances of red are divided into two large groups – cool and warm undertones. Cool undertones are perfect for girls with fair skin, while cool undertones are for those with darker skin.

Women with fair skin should choose blue-based shades, with a trace of cherry and purple tones. Medium-toned ladies could play with colors since almost any nuance would look amazing on them. Probably the best solution for such ladies would be a classical, true red lipstick. Finally, if you have dark skin, go for warmer, flamboyant nuances with a trace of orange and brown.

The same method is used if you want to make your lipstick match your eyes or hair color. Cool nuances look perfect with ladies with brighter eye, while dark-eyed ladies should choose warmer nuances.

 Make a perfect balance between your red lipstick and your eyeshadow

When you are putting your make-up on, you need to decide what part of your face you want to emphasize. If you want to wear a red lipstick, you shouldn’t put on some intensive or overly aggressive eyeshadow. Therefore, you should definitely avoid blue, turquoise, orange or green nuances.

Make a perfect balance between your red lipstick and your outfit

Red lipstick can be used in almost every situation. It adds a chic and dramatic look when combined with your favorite jeans and T-shirt. In a combination with the little black dress, it will replace even finest jewels. All you have to do is to pay attention to matching colors and everything will be all right.

Apply your red lipstick perfectly

As you probably know, before and after putting the make-up on, your face needs to undergo a special cosmetic treatment. Like you use numerous toners and creams for facial rejuvenation after applying a heavy foundation or a powder, you also need to prepare your lips before wearing a red lipstick. This preparation is based on the exfoliation of lips. You can do that with one of numerous exfoliating creams or, if you have forgotten to buy it, you can do that with your toothbrush. After this procedure, treat your lips with a neutral lip balm.

The next step is to line your lips and fill them in with the lip liner of the similar color as a lipstick. That will help you to apply your lipstick precisely and prevent your lipstick from diffusing. Only when you do that, should you apply your lipstick. You can apply it directly from its tube, but the best ways is to do that to use a small brush. After that, you should put a small amount of powder onto your lips in order to prevent your lipstick from wearing off.

As you could see, red lipstick is a must-have item of every lady. It will never go out of fashion and it adds the classy and feminine sense to every outfit. Wear it confidently and don’t be surprised if you receive numerous compliments!

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