We have signed! And you?

March 19, 2018 by Modellist-ID

We did it! Modellist-ID has signed The Model’s Health Pledge. As a platform for international models and our experience in the fashion industry, we think that it is very important to support the pledge. We want the best for our models!

Unwanted nude photography, unfair contracts, power relations, eating disorders and troubles with age limits, these subjects are examples of the most concerning situations in the fashion industry. The Model’s Health Pledge is thé platform focused on model’s health and a healthy working environment in the fashion industry. In a previous blog, we wrote about this pledge. In a few words: The Model’s Health Pledge is a website were (aspiring) models, fashion professionals, experts and other parties of the fashion industry come together. They all want a healthier fashion industry. Everyone can (anonymous) report a misconduct or a worrying working condition on the reporting point. In collaboration with the signatories and experts, we work on a solution.

Celine Prins

It is already noticed that a lot of people are afraid to report. They think their situation is not serious enough. As a model, you can become an ambassador for The Model’s Health Pledge. This way you’re a great support for your colleagues and show them that their story is important. Nimuë Smit is one of the first ambassadors of The Model’s Health Pledge, she stands by the mission and supports the pledge by expending the awareness through her network of models.

The Models Health Pledge

Project manager Holly Syrett and initiators Marvy Rieder, Kim Vos and Michelle van Hollander are still working to get as much support as possible. It is important that the whole fashion industry stands behind the pledge because only together we can make the industry healthier and therefore we ask you to sign the pledge. Are you in any kind of way connected to the fashion industry, for example as an agency, styling/make-up artist, model, photographer or fashion brand, visit the website themodelshealthpledge.nl and sign the pledge. There is no beauty without good health! 

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