The Ultimate Guide For Getting Summer Ready

March 12, 2018 by Modellist-ID

The summer will shortly be upon us, and the upcoming warm, sunny months are exciting for all the best reasons. You get to enjoy time off from work, the sun is out, and you can walk around in just a t-shirt and shorts.

Everything seems better in summer and the nights are longer and brighter. However, getting summer ready doesn’t have to involve a long and complicated list, providing you prioritize, and start implementing your plan and routine early. The run-up to summer always seems agonizingly slow. However summer will be here, you will just need to wait patiently.

Your Summer Closet 
It’s time to wave goodbye to your winter wear and welcome your summer closet. Your summer closet needs to house the essentials, like a floaty dress and a short sleeved shirt.  Again, try to keep it simple and stay away from items of clothing that are overly fussy or are going to be a nuisance to wear. You want to keep the materials cool and light, and the color scheme, muted. You should be looking cool, and feeling cool in the summer, so, make sure you feel happy and relaxed in the clothes you buy. Fashion is about standing out from the crowd and finding new ways to express yourself and your tastes. Keep it simple, but don’t forget to add your own personal touch of style and individuality. Don’t be afraid to wear one of your favorite tees even if it’s showing its age. Classic Rock and Punk Rock T-shirts could help find a new t-shirt if you don’t think the other one will survive another summer.

Keep It Simple
Everyone likes to take things a little easier in the summer, so try not to schedule important plans like exam retakes or your driving test in the summer. Chances are, you’ll be too lax about it, and you won’t stand the greatest chance of passing. Keep your hair, makeup, and grooming routine simple in the summer as you’ll be enjoying a slower way of life. You don’t want to get hot and flustered trying to reapply makeup to your face when it’s only going to make your face more sweaty. Think about donning a simple t-shirt with a pair of shorts and keeping your hair in a bun or cut into a shorter length. Don’t worry too much about accessorizing during the summer, instead keep it simple with a pair of sunglasses, a small necklace, and a thin belt to wear on your shorts.

Spring Clean
Spring clean your home and pack away items like small portable heaters and the blankets from the bed. As soon as the weather begins to lighten up, then you may have to purchase a thin duvet for your bed. You won’t be able to use the same one as you did in winter, as you’ll get too hot when you’re trying to sleep. A spring clean should involve dusting and a wipe down items of furniture that might otherwise have been neglected during the cold winter months. Throw out items that you don’t use, or ones you don’t like. Your spring clean should be helping you get ready for summer and getting fresh after a dark and oppressive winter. You need to be thoroughly cleaning your house from top to bottom, and letting fresh air into your home.

Getting Active
Getting ready for summer involves getting healthy, and looking and feeling good. There’s no one way to achieve this so you’ll need to be keeping active doing whatever you find most enjoyable, and by eating a healthy diet. Before summer is upon you, you will need to have formed an effective exercise routine. As soon as spring comes around, then you have many more options to get out and enjoy exercise. To incorporate more exercise into your daily life, you should avoid driving short distances, and instead of walking them. You could begin cycling around your neighborhood to a place you like, to a river or a pretty part of town, for example.

Involve Your Friends
Get your friends involved in your bid to get fit and summer ready too. There’s safety, and encouragement in numbers, so try and exercise with a friend or a group of friends. Look to find an exercise class that’s held outside in the summer. Choose one that’s local to you and preferably in the evening when the day has cooled down. You can meet new friends this way, and find encouragement to keeping going toward your summer goals.

Improve Your Diet
Improve your diet as soon as you can, so that you don’t feel sluggish over the summer. As soon as winter has gone, you no longer have the excuse of eating more calories to stay warm, so implement a healthy eating regime and replace hearty stews with a light vegetable and fruit salads. It’s advisable to find out exactly which vitamins and minerals your body needs. Everyone’s body is different, so it’s best to discover what you need to get healthy for summer. Seniors will require a diet that differs from one needed by an adolescent person. When you’re planning your new diet, make sure you enjoy what you’re eating. If you’re not excited about what you’re eating, then your diet won’t be sustainable, and you’ll feel unhappy.

Look After Your Skin
Look after your skin; it’s the largest organ and the most visible one. The sun can damage your skin if you’re not careful. If you’re to get summer ready, then you need to get yourself plenty of sun protection. There are a wide range sun creams on the market, to ensure that you’ve picked yourself some up before the heat of summer. You need to be applying sun cream as regularly as every fifteen minutes if you’re in the direct sun. Makeup often has an SPF, so ensure that you pick the ones that do. Get yourself a high SPF lip balm and a hat, or cap, to protect your skin too.

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