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January 23, 2016 by Lian Schreuder

Lian Schreuder C.Cosmetics Photo: Wayta Patmo

Looking for 100% organic beauty products? Or a beautysalon where they don’s stack your skin with products that are only giving you short term result? I think I found what you’re looking for…..

A while ago I changed my diet into 100% organic. This changed the way I look and feel. Some articles I read made me realize just eating organic is not all I had to do, it was time to also take a look at my skincare. After some research on the internet, and reading about deposit toxins, plastics and fragrances in all the big beauty brands, I was amazed my skin didn’t fall of yet.

So I started my search for a beauty product that would make my skin look great without poisoning it.

My colleague Celine told me about C. Cosmetics. An organic beautysalon, and store, in de Herenstraat in Amsterdam. As I didn’t know what my skin really needed at the moment, I decided to make an appointment for a beauty treatment. This way they can see how my skin reacts, before advising me what products to use. As my schedule is pretty busy during the week, I was pleasantly surprised when I got to schedule an appointment on a Sunday.

Walking into C. Cosmetics feels like escaping out of the city and diving into a little world of green, peaceful goodness. The shop and salon have a clean design with beautiful displayed products from several brands like, Hurraw, Fresh Minerals, Sophyto, Absolution and Dr. Alkaitis. Beside skincare they also sell shampoo and nail products that are good for you! Now I can’t wait to start a whole new organic beauty regime.

C.Cosmetic & Care Amsterdam Review

Before my treatment started, I got an intake. My beautician asked me about my skincare habits and my diet and then explained everything about why to use organic skincare products. She had so much knowledge about skincare, and what it can do for you, and to you. It made me a whole lot wiser. She told me, like with food, you should read the label on skincare products. A lot of products call themselves Bio or look organic, but aren’t. During the explanation I tried to remember all the ingredients I had to look for, but no way I could remember those. Luckily they don’t expect you to, I got a little card that had all the evil-ingredients on there, and it fits perfectly in your wallet, smart thinking!

One of the treatment rooms

One of the treatment rooms

Now it’s time to choose my treatment. The treatments vary between €49,- for a mini treatment to €122,- for the whole package. After I told her I was pretty stressed lately, she advised me to go for the C. Luxury Dr. Alkaitis treatment. Well I love the word luxury, so decision easily made.

And luxury it was! The treatment felt like laying in my grandparents’ kitchen garden while getting stroked with flower peddles. All the products smelled like flowers and vegetables.

My face didn’t feel like reacting as heavily to the product as i’m used to. Usually I experience a tight, dry feeling after cleansing, but not this time. After all the nice smelling cleansing products I noticed a strong smell, I thought I caught her on using something chemic on my skin, but it was a natural disinfecting alcohol. Proof they’re really go organic all the way. From here on a can’t remember anything from the treatment. I floated away in pure relaxation. The lymfedrainage massage made all the stress (and not to forget toxins) I had in my face disappear, I forgot everything around me and just floated around having no thoughts. During my mask I even had a hand/arm massage and later a foot massage, so good. When the treatment was over it took me a while to “land” again, it felt like I was laying there for hours.

C.Cosmetic & Care Review

My skin feels nurtured

After the treatment my beautician recommended me to go on a skin detox for 4 weeks. In those weeks you don’t use any cream, make-up or SPF products. This way your skin renews itself completely without any ballast of chemicals or mineral oils. After the detox you will see what your skin really needs.

Unfortunately I can’t do this at the moment as I am busy with shoots and shows, but I will definitely try to do this when I have a holiday.

The oils and mask that were used during the treatment felt amazing, so this is what I needed at home. I’m gonna go Dr. Alkaitis all the way. There philosophy is: “If you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. With this brand it literally means that you can eat all the products, wauw! Dr. Alkaitis products are also not tested on animals, what is a definite pre for me. My beautician told me that the mask that was used during the treatment was powder mixed with goat yoghurt, so that was the familiar smell! Because you mix the the product yourself, it doesn’t need all the harmful preservatives. This sounds great, need it!

I got myself a cleanser, the serum (used as a toner) and the treatment oil.

C.Cosmetics & Care Amsterdam

Dr. Alkaitis products

As I walked out of C. Cosmetics I felt relaxed and renewed. Ready for a new challenge with myself to only use natural skincare from now on. Oh and the best thing… Because it was Sunday I could go straight home, curl up on the couch, hair in a bun, no makeup and a book. Sunday Perfection!

Review C.Cosmetics & Care Amsterdam


C.Cosmetics & care Amsterdam

The treatment room where I got to enjoy the C. Luxury Dr. Alkaitis treatment

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  1. Marieke Stegenga says:

    He Lian, wat fijn dat je dit adres deelt. Je gunt iedereen toch zoveel fijns van de natuur? Echt, eenmaal een behandeling bij C. gehad en je wil noooooit meer anders!


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