Tried & Reviewed – The Suitroller By Fashion Model Marc Udo

November 20, 2013 by Marc Udo

They see me rolling with a Rollor Suitroller

In the 10 years that I’m working as a model at least 70 percent of the jobs I spend in a suit. Castings, shows and shoots. My biggest problem was how to transport a suit without getting it creased. I improvised a lot with big bags and the regular garment bag they give you when you buy a suit, but it never worked as good as the “Rollor Suitroller

I use the same idea of rolling your clothes. Rolling saves you a lot of space in your suitcase and it reduces creases and hard fold lines (tip). Rollor does the same but on another level! If you asked me before my first experience if I would dare to roll up my suit.. I would say you’re crazy. But ever since my first try, I want to recommend the Rollor Suitroller to everyone with a suit that travels in any thinkable way.

In Amsterdam by bike/scooter: Just strap it on your back and keep your hands free.

From New York to LA by plane: Take it as hand luggage without getting crushed in the overhead cabinet.

My experience with the Rollor Suitroller.

I like my version of the Rollor! The combination of materials that are used made it young and wearable for me. It would be awesome to customize your own. My all black has two handles to carry as a small sports bag and a bigger belt so you can easily wear it on your back.
The interior is made out of some sort of velvet that doesn’t leave lint on your suit.

I had a casting last week, I had to suit up but the problem was that I had a job in the morning. So I rolled up my suit and took it to the shoot in the morning. Later that day I unrolled it and it was like it had never been transported.

I’m happy with mine, I hope you’ll enjoy yours!

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