Tried & Reviewed – Noah’s Raw Chocolate

March 16, 2015 by Stacey Grant

I am a big fan of chocolate. The darker the better and I always buy raw when I can get my hands on it, but it tends to be something that’s either delicious or overpriced and disappointing. Noah’s Raw Chocolate definitely made the cut, and may even be one of my new favourites! 

I received a bunch of interesting flavours such as honey coconut and vanilla almond but I was especially fond of the peanut butter cup, which tasted so good it was impossible to imagine it could be healthy too. The avocado pistachio bar was absolutely delicious as well. It was not too bitter as some raw chocolate can be, but nicely sweet without being sickly. It felt good to treat myself, knowing I was eating something natural and healthy. As the label says ‘100% Raw, organic, dairy free, gluten free, soy free’ so nothing to feel guilty about! I’m very into balanced eating so this was perfect for me. I would absolutely recommend this.


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One response to “Tried & Reviewed – Noah’s Raw Chocolate”

  1. Warning The Women says:

    This chocolate is not delicious… and is definitely overpriced. The fact that he stole his business from someone who thought they were his friend. HE never knew how to make chocolate, he’s a CONSTRUCTION WORKER. It’s not chocolate if you use a fat other than cacao butter… it’s also not chocolate if it is not tempered.
    He uses an unforgivable amount of cacao powder and has to use an unforgivable amount of honey to balance the bitterness. This chocolate taxes your system and the detox may CONFUSE someone into thinking it’s healthy… but your body is trying to remove it as quickly as possible. He asked to learn how to make raw chocolate to impress yoga girls in town that he wanted to penis. He is still using it for that reason today. He even stole their logo, marketing, and ideas… then tried to sabbotage their business. His family is the only reason his business exists. His poor mom is up late at night slaving away in a kitchen, while he takes credit for something he never created. He STOLE. He grew up putting people in trash cans and toilets. He’s a bully, a cheater, a liar, and never was a chocolatier. He never traveled the world to study chocolate. His Sweden trip he refers to, was given to him by the same person he stole the business from… and it was a trip to perform music, never had anything to do with chocolate.

    He’s a fake and stole is business from a woman, so he could impress other women into having sex with him.
    Don’t fall for it.


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