Tried & Reviewed – Model Tera About Dermalogica Ultracalming Line

January 13, 2012 by tera

Dermalogica UltraCalming Line – tried and tested by Tera Feberwee

Working as a fashion model, my face has to endure many different cosmetic products. Make-up artists work with different brands and my skin welcomes not all of them. I never really suffered from sensitive skin, but lately I noticed that my skin looks red in certain areas and that I even had some small spots. As I hardly ever use make-up in my private life, only eye make-up and a little lip-gloss, I thought this sensitiveness of my skin is caused by being exposed to too many different products, but it might also be from environmental factors. Anyway, I was introduced to the Ultra Calming trial set by Dermalogica, it’s a great idea to bring out the line in small sizes, you can try them all and see if the line works for you, before you decide to purchase the full sizes. The collection includes a cleanser, mist, mask, serum, and a barrier repair. I must admit that I did not see any results after the first three days, but now that I am using the products for a while I can really see the result: my skin feels soft and looks flawless.Let me explain the different products. The cleanser is a gel/cream that contains no artificial fragrance. You can either rinse it off or gently remove it with a tissue. My skin feels really clean and hydrated after using it. The Ultra Calming Mist is a fresh hydrating mist that you spray on your face before you put on the Barrier repair. It contains aloe to soothe the skin and helps to absorb moisture. The Barrier Repair is a moisturizer. I noticed that this clear gel kind of melts into the skin and leaves it very soft. It guards the skin’s protective barrier and helps to soothe irritation. I did not use the The Ultra Calming Serum Concentrate every day, only after a modeling job where I had to wear lots of make-up, just to prevent a breakout of redness and to calm my and restore my skin. And last but not least there is the Ultra Calming Relief Mask. The mask is enriched with an oatmeal extract and of course it also helps to sooth irritated skin and to relieve “flare-ups”So there you go. I definitely recommend these products to all of you with sensitive skins; it certainly has a great effect on my skin.


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