Tried & Reviewed – Model Sarah About Pure Inventions

January 13, 2012 by Sarah Warnaar

Put to the test: PURE inventions

PURE inventions are small bottles with concentrated vitamins. One bottle contains about 60 doses to give your day an extra boost of various vitamins. Your can add some drops to your mineral water or use it to decorate your morning muesli, milk or yogurt with.

The vitamin boosting bottles come in 6 flavours.

The first line, the Green tea extracts, reaches from pineapple+coconut to tropical, peach, original, vanilla cream and raspberry flavour. A PURE dose of green tea promises to equal drinking 15-20 cups of ordinary green tea a day.

PURE inventions second section, speciality formulations, comes in a delicious chocolate flavour. Cacao is not only a girly must-eat; it’s also high in antioxidants. Swirl it through your milk or coffee and a shot of health is added. Other speciality formulations are the fit&slender, tranquillity, healthy liver and 3d boosts; suited to your very own need.

PURE inventions third line of flavours is the antioxidant fruit extracts products. They come in cranberry+elderberry, pomegranate acai, blueberry white tea and wild cherry apple+resveratrol to boost the immune system intake.

I myself have tried the wild cherry apple +resveratrol vitamin boost for over two weeks now. My preference is adding some drops to my morning porridge. I do recommend to choose a flavour your really like, or even purchasing two different flavours; adding the same taste to your food again and again can get slightly monotone.

What I love about these products is, that they consist of all natural ingredients. A healthy diet should contain all vitamins needed, but living a busy life with a lack of local organic products in reach, can make it hard to always eat as healthy as you would like. PURE inventions enable you to give you a health boost, without extra effort.

A choice of PURE INVENTIONS is available in the MODELLIST-ID SHOP  

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