Tried & Reviewed : Lovely Amsterdam

January 29, 2016 by Lian Schreuder

lovely amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago i received a pretty pink box in the mail. The kind of giftbox that makes the little girl inside me wanna do a little happy dance.



This pretty package contained a big beautiful scarf, made of the softest and most voluminous alpaca wool.
lovely amsterdam

When packing for a longer stay in Istanbul my eyes fell to the scarf, and oh how happy i am that i took it with me.  


lovely amsterdam

Photograph by Lidian van Megen


Istanbul was a little colder than expected, so I was walking around the house wrapped up like an eskimo. As soon as I dicovered this pretty scarf was perfect blanket material and was the perfect size to wrap around me to keep warm, i haven’t taken it off since. Only to find out three days later I still had the tag attached, but that’s a different story.

Made from Alpaca wool, cotton en acryl the scarf is the perfect winter accessory. Not that i knew anything about those fabrics before-hand, but I did learn it’s the perfect take-away blanket material.


Even when the scarf’s warmth is not needed for the colder weather days, i get to use it as a nice addition to a boring coat.


lovely amsterdam

Photograph by Lidian van Megen


Check out for other styles and sizes.


xxx Lian

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Lian Schreuder Lian has been a fulltime fashion model since the age of 14. She worked for all the big brands like Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger, and graced the covers of Madame Figaro, Biba, Marie Claire and ELLE. Less glamorous but just as fun, she likes to get her hands dirty in the garden and play carpenter around her lovely home. Cooking, yoga and drawing are part of her relaxation ritual. Besides her international career, this busy bee is also enforcing the team of Modellist-ID.


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