Tried & Reviewed – L’occitane Beauty Products By Fashion Model Wendy Dubbeld

June 15, 2014 by Wendy Dubbeld

I was so thrilled receiving this wonderful package of L’Occitane. 

After an intense month of travel and moving into a new apartment it was the perfect present for a great pamper night in my new bathtub (-;

All the products first of all smell amazing. Soft, Sexy and Fresh. 

I totally discovered L’Occitane, I will definitely continue using their products and more, although the Shea Line is very good for my skin type. 

I only knew their almond shower Oil before, but I am an absolute fan now. 

I think the price to quality ratio of the products is great and the packaging is beautiful.

I’ve tested these products:


Shea Cleansing Milk

Love this product.

It’s very soft and gentle, it’s easy for traveling since you don’t need water to rinse it, so you can use it everywhere, like me I’m often in a taxi on my way to the airport after a job taking off my makeup whilst on the go, or on the airport or in the plane. I like that it’s a container with a pump, so I can easily fill my little travel containers with it. Also it keeps everything very clean. I have a very sensitive skin and this products cleans my skin well, but leaves it very soft.

Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Face Scrub

Most scrubs leave my skin dry and slightly irritated, this one takes off the dead skin and leaves it with a nice glow and your skin feels ultra soft after. 

It feels like I had a mini facial, but love that I can do it in my own bathroom. Since the grains are quite rough it’s good for use once or twice a week for a good throughout cleaning. You feel like it has really done something.

Shea Butter Ultra-Rich Face Cream

It’s a very nice rich cream, which penetrates quickly and leaves your skin very soft and well hydrated. The smell is divine. It contains 25% shea butter. It’s a morning and evening cream and I applied it for the first time in the morning before going to work and my make up artist said my skin looked incredibly glowy and felt great. So it passed the test. (-;

Neroli & Orchid Eau de Toilette

I absolutely love the fragrance. It’s fresh and natural, it’s a very gentle soft and summery smell. I am taking it on my travels and spray it on my pillow, so I instantly feel at home.

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