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September 12, 2015 by Mark Cox

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Honestly, I thought deep tissue massages and facial treatments were just for the ladies. I would only get massages and facials when I would get injured playing sports or if I would have a cut that needs stitching. This experience showed me the complete opposite; I would recommend all men to try this at least once.

Deep Tissue Massage & Facial Treatments

This subject also came up during an intake with my skin-coach Mariëlle, who told me that the deep tissue massage and having a skin coach is getting much more popular for men. And not because otherwise they’d be bored waiting for their lady to finish the treatment at hannah, but because it is a pretty cool experience!

mark cox - facial treatment with hannah

Don’t we all want to look fresh and healthy?

We started with a couple of questions, which gave Mariëlle some insight in my eating habits and lifestyle. Then she took a couple of quick pictures with a Visio face camera, which I thought would lead to some photos with crazy facial expressions, but this camera showed many details of the landscape of my face! Seeing those images got me back to a more serious face and I became even more curious to undergo the treatment.

Before we could really start and I could lean back and relax, we did a couple more analyses. These measured various aspects of my skin, ranging from sensitivity, oiliness, pH value, pigmentation and dryness to see what would be best for my skin. This all done with a simple skin analyzer that gave us quick and accurate measures, providing Mariëlle with all the information she needed about my skin.

Steps of the Deep Tissue Massage

The whole treatment consisted of 5 subsequent steps: cleansing, peeling, stimulating, protecting and recovering. Normally, I really don’t like anyone touching my face, but this deep tissue massage was definitely my most favorite thing at Hannah.

I also learned that eating healthy and food rich in vitamin C, combined with regular exercise, is a very important and easy step for a healthier and glowing skin. Besides, don’t forget to protect your face at all times with a SPF 15 or up – also during the winter – and clean or scrub once or twice a week to keep your skin in great condition.

Mark Cox

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