Tried & Reviewed – Hairdresser Waxx in Amsterdam

November 2, 2015 by Lian Schreuder

Waxx Kappers Lian Schreuder Fashion Model Hairdresser Amsterdam Tried & Reviewed

I have had the same hairdo since I started modeling, and I have to confess that has been a long time. So my agency suggested a makeover…Oh Help!

Modellist-ID recommended me to go to Waxx Kappers, a hair salon that opened up in Amsterdam about a year ago. They heard some great things about them, so Waxx was the one I had to trust for the job (that’s really how it feels, as for a model you won’t get booked as much when you don’t have the right haircut).

Waxx Kappers Amsterdam Lian Schreuder Review Hairdresser Fashion Model

The haircut I have had ever since I started modeling

So I am happy to share with all those who lost hope in talented hair stylists…This was the best hairdresser to trust with my hair! Coming into the hair salon was already a pleasant surprise, they have a nice summery feel going on in the Salon; turquoise walls, a white wooden floor and a really cool wall decorated with recycled doors. Definitely don’t mind spending a couple of hours here.

Waxx Kappers Amsterdam Hairdresser

The bookers at my agency gave me a few great ideas on what my new look could be like. It was a big change, but it was time for BANGS! My hairdresser, Jitske, took the time to discuss the looks and carefully looked at the shape of my face and determined which type of bangs would look best on me.

Jitske started with cutting my hair, without washing it first. At first I thought that was a little strange, but she explained that the hair is in its natural shape while it’s dry, this way she can cut the hair in a way it still looks great when I don’t style my hair.

waxx amsterdam 2

And oh my…. I love my new hairstyle!!

With bangs my hair looks a lot darker, now it’s in my face, so it was also time to get some highlights (and I can tell you it was long overdue after not dying my hair for 6 months, oops!). Jitske highlighted my hair using a bayalage technique, this way the roots look nicer when the hair grows out, and the color looks more natural. The coloring of the hair took a little bit longer than I was used to, as she used a coloring product that took a while to highlight the hair. The product contains Beeswax, so it takes care of the hair, while coloring it.  For these two reasons the hair came out looking healthy and shiny, instead of broken and dry from coloring. It feels like it’s a more gentle way to color the hair than what I’m used to.

Waxx Amsterdam Lian Schreuder Fashion Model Hairdresser Tried & ReviewedThis hair salon gets five stars all the way!! I am super happy with the result, and my modeling agency is as well! This is the hairdresser to go to as she really listens to what you want for your hair and because she works with its natural structure. As my ends were pretty dry from all the hot irons and styling at shoots, I had to cut off at least 15 cm to make it look healthy again, but Jitske made my hair look happy and healthy while cutting less, really doing justice to my hair! My hair came out even healthier than when I came in. The cut is really nice as it has a natural flow, and the bangs are on point. I found my hairdresser for life! I would especially recommend this salon to models as the people at Waxx know what our clients think is important, like a color that looks good with studio lighting, a natural looking cut and roots that are not clearly showing (as sometimes we just don’t have time to go to the hairdresser in-between the traveling).

Waxx will give a 10% discount to all Modellist-ID members!

Until june 2016

x Lian

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Lian Schreuder Lian has been a fulltime fashion model since the age of 14. She worked for all the big brands like Valentino, Abercrombie & Fitch and Tommy Hilfiger, and graced the covers of Madame Figaro, Biba, Marie Claire and ELLE. Less glamorous but just as fun, she likes to get her hands dirty in the garden and play carpenter around her lovely home. Cooking, yoga and drawing are part of her relaxation ritual. Besides her international career, this busy bee is also enforcing the team of Modellist-ID.


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