April 23, 2016 by Anneliese van Buren

DAILY BLEND GREENS Daily Greens Anneliese van Buren Tried & Reviewed


Wow, I love this product and I will tell you why: After one month using the pot with daily greens, I can say that I feel better than ever. Because of the carefully selected organic ingredients I can enjoy a tasty combination without having to open up a snack. I use it every morning in my protein shake, (goat) yoghurt or in the blender.

I can honestly say I have more energy and my skin is also improved. The antioxidants and amino acids in the product ensure that my health is improving, because amino acids are one of the key building blocks of our body. Furthermore, this product is gluten and allergen free. Hey, and did I mention it has cacao flavor? Who needs chocolate anyway!

One other thing I like is that Enjoy Natural products in general are free from genetically modified ingredients and fit into a vegetarian lifestyle. It became my favorite powerfood next to hemp seed.

To cut a long story short: Daily Blend Greens is perfect for a healthy lifestyle, detox, weight loss and good muscles! Check it out online!

Health Kiss & Love, Anneliese

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Anneliese van Buren Dutch Fashion Model, Live Art Performer, Blogger and Businesswoman. Anneliese van Buren lives in Rotterdam where she is the owner of concept & creation: ROOM031 and the pop-up label Triangle Vintage. She also has her own blog; MY LAST ISSUE, which is focused on underground subcultures and current internet trends.


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