Tried & Reviewed: Ellis Faas

February 20, 2016 by Nella Ngingo

ellis faas

The first time I was introduced by Ellis Faas cosmetics I remember was at a photoshoot and I was amazed by the look of it at first so I asked about it and surprisingly a little bit later I got the honor of working with Ellis Faas herself and really had the chance to ask more about the make up and really test it on my skin.

I was sold when I found out she didn’t test her make up on animals. Therefor the slogan Ellis Faas – only tested on supermodels ! Almost all the make up is VEGAN.  As a model it’s expected that your skin looks good at all times, so a healthy organic based range of makeup products is perfect to maintain your skin.

ellis faas Tried & reviewed

Also I must say they have a great variety of foundation colors. Usually you’ll have to mix a bunch of colors to get my shade but she had mine already!

I received a foundation in a pen which I can take everywhere with me in my favourite holder!! But I also have the foundation bottle which contains MORE when you open the foundation pen it has a brush included so you don’t need to buy that seperately it’s all ready for use. The same goes for all other pens. The concealers, mascara, blush, creamy eyes and even powder. Can you imagine having all these products and all their brushes in one small holder? Pretty amazing right! You can fit the holder in almost every bag, I even put it in my clutch for when I go out. That way you’re your own makeup artist everywhere you go!ellis faas Tried & Reviewed

ellis faas

Another thing that amazed me when I received her products. They come with cards with pictures and explanation on how to use it and all the information about the products! And on her website you have tutorial video for every product showing you how to use the products and how they look on models.

This is a must have makeup line and I would recommend it for everyone who’s trying to get a good quality makeup range of products easily achieve a runway or photoshoot look easily.

ellis faas

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