Tried & Reviewed – Biosil By Fashion Model Jacomien Roobol

October 16, 2014 by Jacomien Roobol

A while ago I was asked by Modellist-ID if I wanted to test Biosil for a few months. Biosil promises that when taking their collagen generating capsules the condition of your skin will be improved, your hair will be more shiny and full and the nails more strong. 

At first I was a bit skeptic about the product. I don’t believe so much in magic pills because I’m more pro healthy eating and living for a great skin, hair etcetera. But I thought, what’s the harm in trying. 

To my surprise after two weeks I started to see a difference. My always so soft, breakable nails started to grow faster and turned into strong fingernails with the white more whiter than ever. Who needs a French manicure?!

 After a month I also started to see some changes in my hair. It started to have more shine and started to look fuller and stronger. Even at work I was getting compliments about the quality of my hair.Even though I had no expectations it made me think, the Biosil pills are working! 

The capsules should be taken twice a day. In the morning and evening. 
Sometimes I did find it hard to stick to the routine and I would forget about taking the pills. But I’ve learned that for the best results it is necessary to follow this routine. So I made sure the bottle is at a place where I would see it in the morning and evening and therefore not forget. 

At the moment I’ve been using the product for two and a half months and I’m very happy with the results. I love how strong my hair feels and how much it shines. I never expected I’d see such a difference. But for me it’s definitely working! 

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