Tried & Reviewed – Beau De L’or By Fashion Model Jaimy Boeve

November 7, 2014 by Jaimy Boeve

For my work as a model I need to travel a lot by airplane so I always bring a lot of products with me to stay hydrated during the flight. Of course I drink a lot of water and I use my serum and hydration cream. But still…It isn’t enough! 

A while ago I was asked to try out Beau de l’or Divine Sensation. I already loved the name so I was very excited to try this refreshing skin activator!

I have to say that the size of the bottle looks perfect to me, especially when you use it for traveling! You can put in every purse and that’s great because my bags are always fully packed 😉 The Divine Sensation contains Vitamin E, casmir and perfume. You can smell the rose water and it’s really fresh and strong. You will like it… or not. I do! 

Last month I flew to South America and it took me 16 hours to get there… You can imagine, I used the Divine Sensation A LOT! I totally love it! Except from the part that the product really does something for you, it is also nice to just fresh up a bit every now and then. Your make-up will stay exactly the same, no dripping so that’s perfect! 

The flight attendants came to me during the flight and also wanted to try this refreshing skin activator after they saw me spraying the whole time! They said that it would be great to sell Divine Sensation on board because a lot of people have problems with dry and irritated skin during the flight. 

For the lifting part I asked my mom to test it because we thought you could see more differences on the aging skin. She was very enthusiastic about it! It felt very good on her skin and I haven’t seen the bottle back again, haha! 

My skin feels fresh, soft and hydrated and my face has a natural look when I spray it over my make-up.  I agree with Beau de L’or that Divine Sensation is an absolute must have for every woman!!! I will need 3 bottles so I am covered for traveling, in the gym AND while shopping 😉 

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