Tried & Reviewed: Apivita Advanced Moisture Revitalizing Cream

February 1, 2016 by Chloe Haldane


I’ve used the same brand BB cream and foundation since I started wearing makeup so finding a vegan alternative that I loved as much was going to be a near impossible task.

Working with Modellist-ID gives me many opportunities to test new products, food and experiences and when they gave me the Apivita Advanced Moisture Revitalizing BB Cream I was apprehensive to leave behind my trusted beauty products to test it out.

All Apivita products vary between 85%-100% natural formulations and the BB cream is made up of 98% natural ingredients derived from Greek plants and beehive produce.

The brand promises to hydrate skin for 24 hours. The bb cream gave a matte appearance, which is exactly the look I was aiming for although I expected the thick formula to dry out my skin throughout the day. This was completely not the case, after a long day at work the cream had stayed intact even though it was super easy to remove with one e.l.f cleansing cloth. The easy removal was also a huge bonus for me as it further proved that the cream wasn’t clogging my pores with unnecessary waste.

apivita apivita

I have very sensitive skin and so I am always uneasy when applying any type of makeup to my face but this bb cream has so many natural skin saving benefits it did no damage. The natural vitamins E and C in the cream ensure optimum renewal rate of the keratin cells which help to keep your skin firm. The Apivita aqua vita, which is a Greek mountain tea infusion used instead of water in the product, creates a protective barrier on the skin to prevent environmental toxins which explains the unexpected thickness of the cream.

The high quality of vegan products never stops surprising me and I’m finding myself genuinely preferring the natural alternatives. The vegan market is growing everyday as are the statistics of those following vegan lifestyles. Whether people are jumping on the lifestyle trend as a fad or due to genuine concern over the environment and the animals which inhabit it, everyone is helping to reduce the cruelty done to animals within the makeup industry as exceeding numbers opt for the natural sourced products.

-Chloe x

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