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March 25, 2016 by Anika Mendes

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A few months ago I did an interview for Modellist-ID. The best beauty tip I gave there was to eat healthy and that with my hair and skin routine, I try to use the most natural products without harsh ingredients. I think that’s why Modellist-id asked me if I’d like to review APIVITA’s detox treatment.

I decided to spoil myself by first the Apivita facial treatment and after going for lunch with a friend.  And… I could really use it! Half a week ago I had a big blemish on my cheek, which I picked on (I know.. I shouldn’t). I always use pure tea tree oil for its anti-bacterial use, and let the blemish disappear more quickly.  After, vitamin E oil to help fading the scarring. Because I’m light skinned I always… alwayssss got dark spots after any blemish which tend to be dry too. I had one other small blemish on my chin and of course (like probably all with a combination skin) my nose as a problem area. I was hoping the Apivita treatment could help… but then I realized most of the times after a facial you don’t look that great with an wonderful and bright skin cause  of the help to remove your impurities. So why did I schedule a lunch after? Of course I couldn’t wear make-up (like I would) either…

A warm welcome in the APIVITA store



Sunday afternoon owner Ramona welcomed me in the Apivita Flagship store, located in Amsterdam.

Here Apivita sells their own natural products but hidden behind the store they also do beauty treatments at the salon‘’Bee beauty’’. I was really looking forward to this treatment, also because Apivita formulations include natural ingredients ranging from 85-100%, excluding the use of sillicones, parabens, mineral oil, propylene glycol, polycyclic musks, nitromusks and phthalates.


Every product shows what ingredients it excludes


In 1972, the founders of APIVITA, Nikos and Niki Koutsiana, two young pharmacists, were inspired by the honeybee society, the unique biodiversity of Greek nature and the holistic approach of Hippocrates to health, beauty and well-being, and together they created their first natural cosmetics, using beekeeping products and herb extracts.

Ramona asked me to fill in a form that for example asks your lifestyle, allergies and products used. She then can give you the best measured advice. Not only for the treatment usage, no, she also gave me some other advice of what my skin needs, what I need to do more,  what I should avoid in products and more. She told me that I do good with my homemade masks, and treating a blemish with tea tree and vitamin E oil, but to avoid a dry spot I definitely need something that doesn’t dehydrate. Ramona also told me how important it is for me to wear a high sunblock because I have so many birthmarks.


See my big dark spot on my cheek @ the intake? Haha.


After the consult she could start with a treatment that fits my skin. The DETOXIFYING FACE TREATMENT WITH CLAY AND OLIVE GRAINS.  This is a specialized facial for skin in need of deep cleansing. The treatment utilizes the beneficial detoxifying qualities of clay that help the skin to purify and remove excess sebum, pollutants and blackheads.

Ramona let me choose an essential oil which I had to inhale a couple of times to start with.
She then started to cleanse my skin which regulates oiliness and protects from irritations and after, using a tonic to balance all and refresh the skin.  Both products used are based on propolis and citrus and  are 96% and 97% natural! After the cleansing she started with a deep exfoliating scrub with olive stone grains. Now that my skin was all fresh she could start by removing the impurities and then a green clay mask for a deep cleanse and to soothe the skin also.  Ramona let me relax with a lympathic massage followed by moisturizing mask that rebalances moisture levels after the clay mask. At last the tonic again to rebalance the skin.
Ramona said that my skin looked really good and instead of a moisturizer she could also use their BB-cream. Although my skin looked better than even before the treatment, it made me feel more secure with a bit of coverage by using the bb-cream.   I thought it would take a day for it to look good after the facial..but I was lucky enough to be able to go for lunch with a bright and glowing skin. I think the natural products used didn’t cause any irritation and kept my skin calm. This huge dry spot I had cause of picking on my skin looked great after the moist it was given and the great scrub I guess.  Ramona treated it extra with a propolis cream to heal the skin. She gave me some samples to try and I then went outside, it was a sunny bright day and I didn’t had to hide behind my scarf and went for a nice lunch after.
When I was asked what I’d like to drink  I asked what  juices they had.  The waiter said they had a special of the day which was ‘’the detox juice’’. Of course… I ordered the detox juice, so it had been an fully detox that day.


Opinion overall and recommendations:

The treatment really did my skin good and I’m so happy we now have an extra alternative for products with harsh ingredients. The prices of the APIVITA products are really reasonable so why wouldn’t you try to use the most natural products?
It made me do some extra research on what’s good and what’s bad for the skin. Unfortunately APIVITA doesn’t have make- up,  cause with that something that I use on a daily base, I’d like to look for something more natural too. The Apivita store in Amsterdam sells some make- up of a natural brand too, I really need to go back and try and buy some make-up there too!

But I don’t need to go back for the make-up only.. no APIVITA has products I’d like to add in my routine. I really like to re-use the purifying tonic, the light texture face cream for oily/combination skin with SPF 30 and… my absolute favorite is the Propolis cream( only €8,50 for 40ml), it did wonders for my dry spots.  (Propolis is used for minor injuries, abrasions, pimples, skin with acne, fungal skin infections and herpes.)


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