Triathlon Training – Part 7 By Member Avna Visser

September 26, 2014 by Avna Visser

The Sprint triathlon is almost here! Just one day to go and sadly all I can do is rest. I’m getting more and more exited!! With 750 meters of swimming, 20 km of biking and 5 km of running, my biggest challenge was to adjust my trainings from long distance to power trainings and sprints. This is the opposite of what I am used to training for, for most of my life. But luckily I’ve been working with a fit and amazing team.

On the 16th of September I had the last power training with the team when I could give a 100% before the triathlon. The power training was given by Powercoach trainers Lino & Tim and they really made my head turn tomato with their exercises. We spit up in two teams and, after a warm up, had to compete against each other. Two rounds of ten minute, full speed, full power workouts. This involved jumping rope, squats, sit-ups and more…such as the huge rubber tire we had to lift again, and again, and again.

After training, in the Powercoach back yard, Murk Vermeer let us taste various healthy PRECIOUS Slow Juices to get some energy back.

The team Lets Brand 2gether (O&Ganic Health Agency, BloggerNet and Modellist-id) arranged amazing trainings for us and because of this I’ve met sporty and inspiring people. As always, they arranged a tasty and healthy dinner after our workout. This time we ate at SLA! I had never been there before and will definitely come back. I enjoyed a chicken salad and also got some raw chocolate with date palm for desert. So simple, pure and delicious!

I can’t wait for the triathlon to start. I guess I’m sorta ready. Except that I didn’t really train for the biking part.. But hey! They say that Dutchies are born on bikes, right?!

With special thanks to Noeska and Lara (O&Ganic), Vivian (BloggerNet) and Celine (Modellist-id) for organizing all the trainings and more! And not to forget: Lino and Tim (Powercoach trainers), Murk Vermeer (PRECIOUS slow juices) and SLA for the awesome day.  Photos: David Stegenga

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