Triathlon Training – Part 6 By Member Celine Prins

September 26, 2014 by Celine Prins

Almost ready to do this triathlon! Cause.tomorrow is the big day…

I am looking back at an amazing time together with my partners in crime from Bloggernet and O&Oganic. We have made it possible to organise 8 intensive trainings with top athletes, nutricionists, speakers and not to forget die-hard sporters! Hereby a recap in a short movie made possible by Kolenkit Films and some great pictures shot by David Stegenga photography. Thanks guys and up to the next challenge…Ironman, who’s in!?

Hereby a short flashback of the training of two weeks ago, our swim training. This is by far the toughest sport for me to nail. I am still not sure I am going to make the finish of the Bosbaan tomorrow, but thank god we start with this swimming challenge so I can show off later on; “aiming for my biking and running skills (..)”.

Well let’s face it this way, I started off as a smimmer as something that looked like a drowning cat in the water, but the result as of today is definitely better..I got myself an amazing wetsuit from Jobewatersports, so now I am sure I will at least float and keep my temperature up to date.

This kind of feeling if you know what I mean..

On the 9th of September we got ourself a powercoach during the swimsession in De Mirandabad. But before diving in the water we did a little warming up with Noeska and Lara. And yes the Dutch word for `knieenheffen`=`lifting the meniscus`is also one of my `bucketlist challenges` to achieve in the near future. But the running part was a good start of the training.

Thanks FlyFit for your energy bars!

After this warming up we all had an intensive 2 hour training in the outdoor swimming pool of De Mirandabad and after this session, which kind of felt like a militarian session, we went into the warmer in-doors waterpool.

After these sessions we went to `De Vliegende Schotel`and got three suprise dishes by the chef. If you love Organic food, this might be a great place for you…

Here Lara from O&Oganic Health Agency and I are checking out some delicious Frecious juices we got pointed out.

Thanks to David Stegenga photography, De Mirandabad, FlyFit and de Vliegende Schotel.

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Celine Prins Celine Prins is an international model that lived in major cities around the world like; Paris, Sydney, New-York, London and Barcelona just to name a few. Next to modeling she loves to be an entrepreneur and help out the community.


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