Triathlon Training – Part 3- By Lara Prins

August 29, 2014 by Modellist-ID

The 2014 Triathlon event is scheduled for Saturday the 27th of September at the Bosbaan in Amsterdam. 

This Triathlon consists of a750 m swim, 20 km cycle and 5 km run.
I will be joining this Triathlon, something I hadn’t thought of before!
It all kicked off when one day 30 participants and myself got invited by Modellist, O&ganic and Bloggernet, to participate in this Triathlon.
“What the hell I thought”? How would I be able to finish a Triathlon? I had never swum that far before and on top of that I would still need to run AND cycle after! What’s more, how would I  train for this? 
To my relief Modellist, O&ganic and Bloggernet started a collaboration called: Lets Brand Together (LB2G). 
They would provide us with weekly free training sessions in which different trainers (who are each specialised in different athletic categories) would ensure we were trained to the best level.
They told me if I joined, I would get these training sessions for free. So, I was convinced!
Now only a few weeks later I have already had 3 different training sessions in each category. At each training session I received so many great insights, tips and tricks for my technique that I have improved a lot!
Within these 3 weeks, I already feel that I will be able to complete the Triathlon,  I am not scared to take on this challenge anymore.
This 3d training took part at the Conservatorium Hotel, in the swimming pool of Akasha. We got talented trainer Joyce Keizer  www.ices who gave us some swimming advice. After having made a couple of swimming strokes, you realize that 750 meters will be kind of a challenge….
After the swimm and a great mini competition between the participants, we went for an hour of exercises at the gym by personal trainer: Jill Meij.
Afterwards we got a great nutrition session from Noeska Pak (O&Oganic) and nice beverages from LiteDark.
So, thank you very much Modellist- Id, Bloggernet and O&ganic for this invitation and all those great training sessions. See you at the finish!! 😉
By triatlon participant: Lara Prins

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