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May 18, 2017 by Jacco Kamp

Jacco Kamp

You hear it often, “never skip legday”. To keep your lower body and upper body in proper proportions, it is important that you take the legs into your training. I will give you some great workout tips!

There are even more benefits for training your lower body. Your legs are the largest part of your body, so they also need the most energy that burns a lot of calories during your training. Another reason to train your legs is that you can burn a lot of fat during your workout and that lasts till 48 hours afterwards. There are also many growth hormones released that help you not only create a good set of legs but also help you get a tight upper body. In short, leg training should take place at your weekly sports moments. Here’s what my leg workout looks like.

Warming Up
I usually start my training off with some squats as a warming up. In this exercise you use a lot of muscles in your body. The reason I prefer this exercise more than running for a warming-up is that the exercise is very functional considering the muscle groups you want to train.
A number of sets with many repetitions must ensure that your body is warm enough.

Two calf exercises
Lately, I do not start with squats after my warming up, but I focus on exercises for my calves. It may seem unimportant when you look at the better visible upper leg muscles but when wearing a swimsuit, your calves are best seen. The calves are a muscle group that grows difficult, so I start with this:

Calf raises on the Smith machine is a favorite. The bipolar muscle in the lower leg is trained here. You step up on your forefoot, ensuring that the calf is fully stretched and then tensioned. Do 5 sets of 8 to 15 repetitions.

Seated Calf raises, an exercise for a deeper muscle in the lower leg, the soleus. This muscle creates a nice line on the outside of your lower leg. In this exercise the knee is bent so that you can touch the soleus well. Do 5 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

After the calf exercises, I always switch back to the squats. Here you mainly train the upper leg muscles and the glutes muscle. Important because did you know that the glutes muscle is the largest muscle in the human body? This muscle releases many hormones and uses a lot of energy and it’s nice for the kilos. After I have set one or two sets of light to get rid of, I start heavy. Heavy enough so I can do 3 to 4 repetitions. I do this for three sets. Then weight goes down and I make around 12 to 15 repetitions and do this 5 sets. In total, 8 sets at the squats because they work so well!

Legday legs Jacco Kamp

The leg extension is my favorite for creating a pump in the upper legs, the quadriceps. Here I do default dropsets. With dropsets, it is your intention to keep repeating without your technique falling back. In order to do this you can reduce the weight. To determine an initial tax you must be able to make up 12 repetitions. After these 12 repetitions you reduce the weight and repeat the 12 repetitions. After these repetitions you lower it again, 12 repetitions and again decrease weight and 12 repetitions. You do this until you barely stand. In total, I do 5 of these dropsets, guaranteed a super pump!

Last but not least, the hamstrings. Hamstrings are important to create the right result in the thigh bone. A perfect exercise for training your hamstrings are romanian deadlifts. This exercise is done by lifting a barbell of the ground with a straight back and stretched legs which maximize the hamstring. A guarantee of severe muscle ache the next day and beautifully shaped hamstring!

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