Train those muscles – 15 minutes for a sixpack? Possible!

June 2, 2017 by Jacco Kamp

Jacco Kamp

A sixpack is definitely part of being totally summer-ready. Sadly not everyone has enough time to spend a couple of hours a day in the gym.

What if I tell you that 15 minutes a day is enough to create a summer-ready core! After all the core is an eye catcher for the opposite sex. This is what I do to create the six-pack you’re looking for and the best options to get rid of man boobs.

I always start with simple sit-ups to warm up a bit. Every exercise will take one minute so you have to do 12 different exercises that will target different zonesFrog situps of your core. The first 5 exercises will target the higher abdominal muscles so, after the one-minute sit-ups, I continue with 1-minute frog sit-ups. It doesn’t matter how many repetitions you do just try to finish every minute without quitting.

As soon as you’ve finished the frog sit-ups you’re going to do the old and classic crunches for one whole minute long. If you don’t feel it burn by now you’re probably doing something wrong. The vertical leg crunch is our fourth exercise, push your legs to the sky so that your lower back will lose contact with the ground. The last exercise of the first five is v-ups. Try to make a V by reaching with your fingers to your toes with straight legs.


To target the lower section of the abdominals we begin with reverse crunches, you lift your legs without moving your upper body. This exercise is one of my favorites I personally find this the easiest of the 12. But don’t be fooled, at this time you’re going to start to feel like your core is on fire! Reverse crunch

We move on to flutter kicks. This movement look a lot like the reverse crunches, keep your legs around 5 inches above the ground and alternately kick your legs up and down.flutter kicks

Immediately after the flutter kicks, we move to scissor crunches. You lift one leg at a time without touching the ground.scissor crunches

When you’ve completed the one-minute scissor crunches you continue with the v-tuck. With this exercise, you don’t only focus on your lower section but also the middle and the higher section. This on look a lot like the v-ups, with this exercise you bend your knees. This allows you to crunch a lot more at the end of the movement.


The last 3 exercises will focus on your oblique’s and one for the whole core. The last 3 minutes are started off with bicycle kicks. You start with your hand behind your neck an move you right elbow to your left knee. Alternately move your right elbow to your left knee and your left elbow to your right knee. Remember that every exercise is immediately after the other so you don’t have a couple of seconds to catch your breath!

Two more to go, the first on the Russian twist. This one is just a killer. You start in a sitting position with your legs a couple of inches in the air. You start to rotate your upper body so that you can touch both hands on one side of the ground next to you left and right. You keep doing this for a minute and your almost done!Russian Twist

The last exercise is planking. Contract every muscle in your body to ensure a straight line from your shoulders to your toes. Keep this up for another minute and you’re finally finished!


This is what I do to create a toned midsection. It’s important to keep in mind that a healthy diet is very important to ensure visible abs! Feel free to do other exercises. Unfortunately I can’t give you a book of exactly what to do. Every person is different and every person will respond differently to a training.

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