Top Technology Trends Impacting the Fashion Industry Right Now

March 20, 2018 by Modellist-ID


Similar to many other industries, fashion is now being disrupted by the full force of modern technology. This transition is not a bad thing as this brings a wealth of innovation to the table.

Technology is becoming centric to a range of industrial processes and is now merging beautifully into the wearable tech sector. Smarter manufacturing and logistics plus advances in the sales funnel will see fashion brands offer fluid transitions from inspiration to purchase. This emergence of tech-inspired fashion is set to change the course of the industry over the next few years, so take a look at some of the top trends that are influencing this diverse sector.

Wearable technology
The emergence of wearable tech is starting to take hold, and it is not just reserved for those that have deep wallets. This new tech is now becoming affordable, and there are many products on the market that look stylish with everyday looks. Of course, smartwatches are leading the charge but as expected, fashion accessories are starting to double up as smart devices, and those that can be tailored to fit different outfits are also in demand. This can be achieved with personalization such as interchangeable straps and mobile devices with smart cases. Examples include Galaxy S9 cases from Custom Envy that are specifically designed for your lifestyle and customized just for you.

Leisurewear trends
Sports and athleisure fashion were possibly one of the first sectors to enjoy the symmetry between technology and stylish clothing. With Nike’s self-lacing shoes and Adidas experimenting with 3D printed trainers, this style of a partnership is already proving a big hit. Smart fabrics are another talking point, and Google’s latest project sees them team with fashion brand Levi’s bringing the Commuter Jacket to consumers. This stylish jacket is mixed with smart technology to keep you connected on the go. This innovative item has touch and gesture interactivity woven into the fabric, and when paired with a smartphone, you only need to brush the sleeve to access a host of functions on your mobile.

Smarter shopping
As consumers shop smarter, the fashion industry is looking at ways to keep up with the changing landscape of retail. Technology is giving this sector a helping hand on the ground level too, as there has already been an emergence of faster, self-serve options available. As the retail space develops, the future looks to showcase a broader range of helpful devices and smart technology to tailor the way people purchase goods. Features such as virtual fitting rooms, where you won’t even need to undress to see how clothing fits and integration with social media so you can see how popular an item is, is becoming a reality.

State of the art developments will transform the way fashion evolves in the future and will impact everything from clothing manufacture to retail spaces. Trends may change constantly but there is one certain for this industry, and that is technology is certainly here to stay.

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