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October 28, 2014 by Modellist-ID

“Big miracles, tiny miracles; real miracles. All it takes is to just do something, to roll up our sleeves and make things happen.”

And this is exactly TINY MIRACLES does in a tiny place in the world; the red light district of Mumbai, India.

Also the city we, Modellist-ID, will be hosting our event the 18th of November

Therefore we decided to join forces and promote the incredible things TINY MIRACLES is doing in Mumbai. TINY MIRACLES focuses on one specific street with a community of around 700 people whose only home is right there on the pavement in the red light district. Obviously not the best place in the world for women and young girls. Their ambition is to lift this small community from ‘very poor’ to ‘middle class’ within the next 8 years. Because this will decide the future for many more generations to come.

The community’s economy relies on selling cane baskets, but there is hardly a market for cane work. There are very limited other jobs in the area, so Dutch designer Pepe Heykoop set up his workshop right in the middle of the community and teaches the parents skills and provides them with work to increase the household’s earning power. 

In 2020 TINY MIRACLES wants this community to be self-supporting, have the education and corresponding healthcare of a middle class human being and an income of at least 6 euro per person per day. And perhaps most importantly; happy, really happy, childhood memories.

During our Modellist-ID Event in Mumbai, we will also get together with some of our community members and join the Tiny Miracles community. We will soon update you with our exact program during our visit.

Please, have a 3 minute look at how the community lives and how TINY MIRACLES will break their poverty cycle right here.

So are you interested in creating your own miracle and would you like to support this amazon charity?

Find out more here–> http://www.tinymiracles.nl/create/

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