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Whilst January often seems to be a month filled with sweaters, jeans, and sensible boots, it’s time to set our sights on what the rest of 2019 is going to be like for fashion. Pinterest has put together a handy list of increasingly popular search terms that are likely going to turn into major trends in fashion this year. The annual Pinterest 100 forecasts what people are searching for, covering everything from food to travel and, of course, beauty and fashion. So, before you start updating your wardrobe for 2019, take a look at which fashion trends are likely going to be the biggest hits this year.

#1. Statement Sneakers:

Sneakers have always been a fashion staple, and 2019 will be no different when it comes to kicks. But this year, the bigger and brighter the better. Balenciaga’s Triple S sneakers sent fashionistas into a spiral, and it’s reignited interest in this particular type of footwear thanks to brands such as Opening Ceremony and Escada. According to Pinterest, searches for ‘statement sneakers’ have shot up by a whopping 2, 211%.

#2. Biker Shorts:

Anybody who followed the Spring 2019 runways closely will know that you simply couldn’t get away from biker shorts, which seemed to crop up everywhere. No longer are bike shorts simply there for wearing to the gym or exercise; the athleisure trend has taken it a step further, with bike shorts incorporated into almost any kind of outfit and looking surprisingly good. And, searchers are intrigued – Pinterest reported searches for biker shorts have increased by 1,323%.

#3. Tortoise Jewellery:

Tortoise jewellery is a fun way to make a statement and is surprisingly versatile; it looks perfect paired with a sleek, modern outfit or a vintage jumper, baggy jeans, and those statement sneakers everybody’s talking about. Tortoise jewellery has made an impact on several fashion runways already and celebrities aren’t shying away from its charm either. It’s a popular one amongst Pinterest users too – the platform reported a huge 679% increase in searches in 2018.

#4. Snake Prints:

Chances are, you have already accepted snakeskin prints into your wardrobe as an alternative to the classic leopard print. With searches for snake print up by a massive 642% on Pinterest for 2019, the platform predicts that it’s going to be a huge fashion trend this year. Although it may never overtake leopard print, snake print is certainly worth talking about as it works well on so many fashion pieces, from blouses to skirts and women’s ankle boots. Paired with essential neutrals, it’s a fabulous choice for making a low-key statement.

#5. Oval Sunglasses:

Whilst it might feel a little early to start thinking about your summer wardrobe just yet, if you’re in the market for some new eyewear, Pinterest reckons that oval sunglasses are going to be one of the biggest summer fashion trends for 2019. They’re one of the top trending silhouettes on the platform with a 591% increase in searches, so they’re bound to be the look to go for at festivals, on holiday, and out and about once the warmer weather comes around.

#6. African Prints:

Colourful, warm, and welcoming, African prints are fun to wear and a great way to make a statement with your outfit. With searches for African prints up by 291% on Pinterest, you can certainly expect to see and wear more of them in 2019. African prints have enjoyed a huge increase in searches, and the best part is that the massive range of colours and patterns on offer makes it easy for anybody to find an outfit or item that suits both their skin tone and style.

#7. Ruching:

Fashion trends always seem to come back around at some point, and this year we can welcome ruching back into the game. Not only have searches for ruched fashion items increased by 108% on the Pinterest platform, but it was also another major trend from the spring 2019 runways. This year, you can expect to see more t-shirts, skirts, and other fashion items sporting ruching details.

#8. Sustainable Fashion:

As the world grows more environmentally conscious, one of the best fashion trends to look out for this year is sustainable fashion. In fact, many big high street names are already no stranger to sustainable fashion and making both their business model and the items that they sell more environmentally friendly. It’s a constant topic of conversation in the fashion industry that seems to be catching on with the buyers – Pinterest data shows that searches for sustainable fashion have gone up 34%; a number that is expected to increase.

Which of these fashion trends are you most excited about for this year? Are you desperate to get your hands on the latest pair of statement sneakers or will you opt for a more sustainable wardrobe in 2019? Let us know in the comments!


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