The Soulsister Vitamin Store, Amsterdam – Tip By Sophia Van Sorgen

July 17, 2014 by Piece of Health - by Sophia

If you think of a soulsister you don’t immediately get associations with a vitamin shop. The Soulsister is based in Amsterdam and is definitely in my top 5 of all time favorite shops. It was founded by Miranda who has an indefinable love for motown music, which explains the name. Besides that, she’s also very passionate about health.

The Soulsister is specialized in natural and organic supplements and super foods. A nutritious and balanced diet is of course essential for good health. But everyone can use an extra health boost. 


The Soulsister offers natural supplements from reliable brands like Solgar, AOV, Orthica, Now, Biovitaal, Lamberts, Royal Green and New Chapter but also homeopathic medication from Heel, Weleda, VSM, Vogel, Pfluger and Steigerwald. There’s a big assortment of natural cosmetics and beauty products as well.

And if you’re already there, why not take a nice 100% organic wheatgrass shot to boost your energy. In the weekends Miranda also organizes special events. Check the website  for the agenda and more information about the assortment.

The Soulsister Vitamins
Elandsgracht 132, Amsterdam

Love, Sophia
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