Model Life In Mexico (all you need to know)

January 26, 2016 by Danea Panta

Danea Panta Mexico Modeling Photo: Oscar Valle

Mexico City!

Many girls ask about how the market is in Mexico City and also which are the best agencies there, so I wrote this post to help you. I know from personal experience, so before going there, hereby some information on the market in Mexico.

First and most important is to find a good agency there. Mexico is a very commercial market, most of the agencies have the same commercial clients, but if you wanna get editorials and test shoots with the most top photographers, I will suggest just these 2 agencies, PARAGON Management and NEW ICON Models.
There are others medium agencies that you can try as well like Baxt, GH and, Bang! just for male models.

Life in Mexico is very cheap, very good quality. You can rent a big apartment, in a very nice area like ‘condesa’ with 3 rooms for 800 dollars per month. Your pocket money is 800 pesos per week, the food is very cheap so I think is enough. And also a few restaurants give lunch and dinner to the models for free. Ask your agency which restaurants they have a deal with.
But if your pocket money is not enough or you just need a little more money, most of the clubs pay models for their presence. They will give you 800 pesos for 3 hours that you will be having a good time at the club.

Mexico is a very busy market, in the best season you can have 6 or 5 castings per day and in the normal season you have at least 3 castings per day.
The castings for TV commercials are the best in Mexico City because they have very good budgets but everyone wants to get these jobs so the castings are so long. You spend at least 4 hours waiting and for these kind of jobs it is important to have your FM3 or work visa.
There are a lot of touristic places that you can visit in Mexico City, so enjoy and have fun there. It is a market a little hard to catch in the beginning but after you know it you will  love it. The key is to be patient and persistent.

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