The hour of the wolf – The first Monday in May

December 21, 2017 by Modellist-ID

Met Gala

Are we putting George Clooney at the table next to Madonna or Justin Bieber? Can we afford to let Rihanna perform? These are questions that Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour breaks over during the organization of the Met-gala: ‘the Superbowl in the fashion world’.

A colorful event where art and fashion come together; excitingly visible in the documentary ‘The first Monday in May’, which will be broadcasted on 21 December at 22.55 hrs in Het Uur van de Wolf (The hour of the Wolf).

The gala on the relationship between fashion and museums takes place annually on the first Monday of May, as the opening of a new fashion exhibition in the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Director Andrew Rossi follows the exciting preparations of the most visited fashion exhibition in history: ‘China: Through the looking glass’. Galleries full of dazzling creations illustrate the Eastern influences on Western haute couture.

It is a politically charged exhibition that curator Andrew Molton compiles. He regularly travels to China to appease cultural sensitivities, together with Anna Wintour, responsible for the gala. No expense is spared, everything is top of the bill: fashion designer Jean-Paul Gaultier is flown in and film directors Wong Kar-Wai and Baz Luhrmann come up with the projections within the exhibition and the ravishing decoration of the gala. It makes both the exhibition and the documentary a feast for the eyes.

In the run-up to the opening, Rossi closely follows the people involved, up to the private rooms of Wintour. His film exposes tensions and common ground between different cultures at various levels: between the East and the West and between the art world and the fashion world.

Director: Andrew Rossi
Production: Fabiola Beracasa Beckman, Dawn Ostroff, Sylvana Ward Durrett

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