The furry road of fashion trends

February 1, 2017 by Maaike Janna De blauw

Fake Fur fashion trends

Watching all the looks from the catwalk this season, you cannot help but notice all the creamy and sweetly dressed (eye) candy coloured mannequins. Also, a trend that has stuck around for the second time, and is one of my favourites; the faux fur trend.

I love this trend because it not only makes real fur less popular, it is also (most of the time) very comfortable, warm and soft to wear. In this blog I will tell you all the pros about wearing fake fur.

To be honest, I myself have had real fur accessories, and I probably do not have to tell you the way fur is made or should I say slaughtered and turned into clothes. It is ridiculous that animals are put through pain just so we can look nice, it should be forbidden. I find it slightly different than, for example, if you are an Inuit, as Inuit’s kill the animals themselves, use all parts of the animal and this practice been part of their culture for decades.

Fake fur fashion trendsHowever, my personal love for faux fur started about two years ago when I had a discussion with a friend of mine, she asked me why I was wearing the Woolrich jacket with fur? I told her that Woolrich was known for treating animals ‘right’ before slaying them and turning them into coats. She responded that I had no right to tell other people to eat biological meat or to support animal rights when I was wearing real fur. This made me think, she was right, who am I to encourage people to do these things and not to eat meat when I was doing the same in a different way? As an animal lover I was ashamed I did not see the issue before this discussion however I decided not to wear fur anymore. I only wear fake fur and I love it!

fake fur fashion trendsFake fur is the best way to spice up your outfit, it never goes out of style and because it’s an extraverts item – a real eye catcher, you do not need many fake fur accessories to be on top of the trend. I wear my leopard faux fur jacket whenever I want to spice up my outfit or look fancy when I have a special occasion. But you can also wear your fur items simply with cute ballerina’s or plain black boots, just simply dress the bold printed faux fur item down! but hey, if you want to go for the extravaganza look, go ahead! It’s all allowed and possible this season! Is a coat a little bit too muchacho for you? I understand, but even a little fur clutch will do with your sneakers and cute earrings, it gives a lil something extra to your outfit. Want to check out first if it even suits you? Well give it a try with a faux fur shawl, especially when you go out it will give you that extra diva look

I buy my faux fur accessories at the local vintage shop, but you can also get them at the big warehouse or fashion brands. Wanna be totally different and unique? Buy your own fabric at the local DIY shop and make it yourself! It saves money, it’s better for the environment and you are the only one with the item!

I simply love how model Kendall Jenner wears her faux fur coat(s) as u can see in the photos below. I love how more and more fashion designers and style icons choose for faux instead of real fur, it’s about time isn’t it?

Kendall Jenner Fake Fur

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