The Basics of Starting a Modeling Career

June 19, 2018 by Modellist-ID


There are certain jobs that many people dream of having from early on in their childhood, such as becoming a singer, a dancer, and of course, a model.

Modeling is a very competitive industry, but that doesn’t mean it is an impossible sector to break into. For the most part, it is about having the right look and knowing the right people. If you have spent your years growing up being fascinated by the beautiful people who walk the runway or wanted to see yourself pictured in a magazine in stunning new designs, then here are a few basic tips for starting your modeling career.

Choose your Style
There is a wide range of modeling opportunities out there for you, and so first of all, you need to decide what style of modeling you are interested in. Don’t just choose based off of your personal preference, but also take into consideration what your body type is most suited for. There are a lot of different areas you could break into, including commercial modeling, catwalk and runway modeling, swimsuit or lingerie modeling, and plus size modeling.

The right career for you will depend upon factors such as your height, body measurements, clothing size and features. Commercial models come in a range of looks, as these are the models who look more like your everyday girl, just with a bit of an edge. For the runway, companies tend to look for taller models with striking facial features, and petite bodies. However, depending on the company you get a modeling job with, these factors could vary.

Create your portfolio
Once you know what area of modeling you are interested in, it’s time to create your portfolio and tailor it to match your chosen market. Your portfolio is a collection of pictures of you and your past work, and this is what you will show to brands, agents, and designers who you would like to work with.

As you are just starting out, the first thing to do will be to get a Chicago headshot photographer to take some good quality headshots of you. This is important, as the higher quality your portfolio, the better an impression you will create on potential clients. Your portfolio should also include some basic information about you, such as your measurements and height. Most portfolios are created online now, as this makes it easier to send to clients as and when it Is requested.

Grow your network
The more people you can develop a working relationship with, in the industry, the more successful you are likely to be. You want to be the name everyone is talking about, and the fresh new face that is widely sought after. Go to events such as fashion shows and network with others if you can; this will also help you find an agent.

On top of this, having more experience will make you more desirable, so take on local modeling projects, even if they are low pay or no pay at all, just while you are starting out; this will pad out your portfolio and make it more impressive, while helping you make new contacts all at the same time.

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