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December 23, 2016 by Siya Dzingwa

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The holidays is always a great time to just chill and relax, get your travelling boots on, and of course enjoy the amazing beach views. That’s why its one of my favourite times of the year. Though I tend to be private about my travels as its usually the only time to myself, I realized I have certain problems that I don’t take note of, such as:

Arriving late: This has always been a problem of mine, no matter where I go, I tend to be late. Even if I set the alarm really early, my family always fusses when I go cause they know I’m always late. So I realized you should take time to arrive early to the airport to allow enough time to park, get your boarding pass, check your luggage… Arriving 2 hours before a flight would help.

Batteries: I usually feel sorry for my cellphone sometimes cause I use it all the time, either when I’m chatting, but mostly when I listen to music. So obvious you can’t go anywhere without some kind of battery these days, it’s always good to charge it the whole night before you go.

Medication: Though I’m not one who gets sick often, I prefer having some kind of medication with me, as you’ll never know, such as painkillers or a plaster.

Pack for the travel: I’m one who packs a lot of clothes in my bag even if I know I won’t use the item, and this becomes a problem at the airport cause the luggage exceeds the limit meaning I’m charged more than I budgeted. So I realized packing for what I require would help.

Accommodation: Book an accommodation that will be near to transportation or near to shops, so one is not bored on a trip or gets hungry. Keep an eye on to grab discounts on retailers like, Design Hotels, Trivago & more.”

I hope this would help and enjoy your Holidays!!

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