The Angler’s Boutique Resort – Intimate, Luxurious…just Great!

September 30, 2013 by Modellist-ID

This charming boutique hotel is less famous than the Delano, the Setai and most of the other luxury hotels in Miami Beach but definitely a highly recommended place to stay. The majority of the nice hotels are on Ocean Drive (directly at the beach), the Angels resort is just behind Ocean Drive on Washington Avenue, but still within a very short walking distance from the beach. The hotel has a cozy and very nice atmosphere, the rooms are beautifully decorated and there is a small swimming pool. Although it is still expensive, you pay less than most hotels on Ocean Drive. So if you love luxury but you can not afford hotels like the Delano, go to the Anglers resort. Try to ask for a room on the main floor in front of the pool, so when you wake up you can directly jump in!

Oh and another good thing…in your bathroom you will find Aveda products!

Address: 660 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach

Telephone number: +1 (305)534-9600

Website: The Angler’s Boutique Resort Hotel Miami Beach

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