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10 Best things to do in Budapest March 18, 2019 | Dutchbloggeronthemove Monumental buildings, stunning architecture, gorgeous spas can all be found in the gorgeous city Budapest located on the... Read more →
The 4 Most Beautiful Natural Attractions in the USA August 17, 2018 | Modellist-ID Planning a vacation involves taking into account the dream destinations you want to explore and the activities you want to... Read more →
Elise Crombez
“Dermalogica has always been the right choice” October 26, 2017 | Elise Crombez Ever since I started, modelling and self-discovery as a woman have gone hand in hand.... Read more →
Sebastian Kok Rollor Technology crease free traveling suitrollor
Crease free from A to B… January 18, 2017 | Sebastian Kok The solution for those who travel a lot and want their clothes to look like they just came from the dry cleaners... Read more →
Siya Dzingwa model tanktop black white cape town travelling
The art of travelling December 23, 2016 | Siya Dzingwa The holidays is always a great time to get your travelling boots on. A lot of experience has lead to these travel tips.... Read more →
Anna Roos van Wijngaarden Fashion Model Blog Airport by Cristian Davila Hernandez
Airport with a capital A September 13, 2016 | Anna Roos van Wijngaarden Even for internationally and frequently traveling models airports can be quite a challenge!... Read more →
Dorith Mous fashion model city tips oysters wine surf turf lobster dinner restaurants top 10 favorite amsterdam spots
Home is where the chart is: top 10 favorite Amsterdam spots August 5, 2016 | Dorith Mous The globetrotting model shares her hidden gems in Amsterdam: food, shopping, cocktails, culture, it's all there!... Read more →
Lian schreuder stop review sokken socks travel hacks tips airplane model furcoat
7 Travel hacks to arrive like a model August 1, 2016 | Lian Schreuder The 7 essentials you need for traveling and arriving while looking like a model... Read more →
Why you should apply major changes when life is smiling at you January 14, 2016 | Mauro Bex Why you should be thinking about CHANGE! READ MORE..... Read more →
hotspots turkey meggi Topczewska
A heaven in the Mediterranean sea: Turkey October 12, 2015 | Magdalena Topczewska When I started to visit other countries my friend and current traveler told me: ‘Meggi, If one day you will see something... Read more →


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