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Mandy’s Health, Food & Beauty Blog: Healthy Food Tips & Glowing Skin May 23, 2015 | Mandy Glasbergen When I put this product on my skin it immediately feels silky soft and has a very pleasant fragrance, not too strong!... Read more →
Mandy’s Health, Food & Beauty Blog: Good Food, Photoshoots & More May 2, 2015 | Mandy Glasbergen Your dreams can only come true if you work for it. No one made it just by watching the world go by.... Read more →
Kim’s Diary: Paris – Nl – Copenhagen April 23, 2015 | Kim-jaspers After two days shooting an 1 day full of castings it was already time to celebrate the weekend. Which was extra special... Read more →
Lisa’s Model Food Diary March 16, 2015 | Lisa Michiels Hi everybody! I kept a one day food diary! Honestly I need to say that this was a really healthy day of course and that I... Read more →
Kim’s Diary: Castings And Shows In Sunny Paris March 12, 2015 | Kim-jaspers Right after the show my driver brought me to the airport.. This ride was so stressful! The show started way too late, the... Read more →
Spinning With Topmodels For Charity! March 3, 2015 | Sofie Oosterwaal Models Wendy Dubbeld and Sofie Oosterwaal are organizing a spinning marathon to raise money for their project Cycle4Girls...... Read more →
Model Selfies & Social Media
Model Selfies & Social Media March 2, 2015 | Arthur van der Wees Zapplied will help fashion models with these kinds of questions so they can focus on their daily activities without... Read more →
Kim’s Diary: New York Fashion Week February 26, 2015 | Kim-jaspers Hi sweeties!! Woehhhh, I finally found some time to tell you a bit about the super BUSY times I had last week...... Read more →
Behind The Scenes With Jorge Ayala February 24, 2015 | Lynn Quanjel The first day we started with a very extreme look: I got a white face with bright colored eyes and lips and my hair got done... Read more →
What To Bring To Castings: Book Or Ipad? February 22, 2015 | Florenta Popa This question is in my mind for two years and the more I ask photographers, models and clients about it … the more... Read more →


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