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flemish brabant model hotspots
Flemish Brabant’s Model Hotspots August 24, 2015 | Laura van Londerzele When I hear the word ‘hotspot’ I think about a trendy bar in a big city like Antwerp, Brussels, Louvain… and yes;... Read more →
Flax & Kale Charlotte Foubert Barcelona
Charlotte’s Model Hotspot In Barcelona: Flax & Kale May 20, 2015 | Charlotte Foubert I took the raw vegan lasagna next, made of raw zucchini (making it a cold dish) with a sauce of fresh and dried tomatoes,... Read more →
Olivier’s Model Hotspot: Bonnefooi April 2, 2015 | olivier chapusette Being the capital of Europe, it's a melting pot of different cultures. You can go out on a Monday night and get busy... Read more →
Antonia Juric Fashion Model Byward Market
Antonia’s Model Hotspot: Byward Market (ottawa) March 17, 2015 | Antonia Juric I love the Byward Market because there is always something to do, it’s filled with great places to eat and to go out. In... Read more →
Model Hotspot: Ginger Restaurant & Bar (Rome) January 29, 2015 | Jonathan Augustijn A 'model-proof' hotspot in Rome from morning to evening with lots of fresh fruits and organic products.... Read more →
Beluga, Cape Town September 24, 2013 | Marco Stahl When we asked ex-fashion model Marco Stahl about his favorite city and hang out places in that particular city he said:... Read more →
Model Hotspot: Hotel Du Nord, Paris August 21, 2013 | Linda Jeuring An institution among Parisians in the know, restaurant/bar Hôtel du Nord with its cozy cosmopolitan atmosphere and young,... Read more →


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