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Beauty on holidays: travel size essentials September 8, 2015 | Julia Theunis Here is a summary of what I usually take with me when I go a few days on holidays. A good shampoo/ hair protector Indeed,... Read more →
barbie shoes pink fashion sophia webster
Sophia Webster’s New Barbie Shoe Collection August 24, 2015 | Chloe Haldane British shoe designer Sophia Webster has announced her new collaboration with Barbie - two fashion favorites!... Read more →
flemish brabant model hotspots
Flemish Brabant’s Model Hotspots August 24, 2015 | Laura van Londerzele When I hear the word ‘hotspot’ I think about a trendy bar in a big city like Antwerp, Brussels, Louvain… and yes;... Read more →
Mandy’s Health, Food & Beauty Blog; Swimming & Coconuts! August 21, 2015 | Mandy Glasbergen Swimming is fun, refreshing and relaxing!... Read more →
Laura van Herck Fashion Model Memories
My 5 Best Memories Ever August 21, 2015 | Laura Van Herck Sharing passions and part of a Model life...... Read more →
Green Shakes Galore By Dr. Michelle Braude August 18, 2015 | Michelle Braude With the glorious hot weather that was upon us for a short while (and set to return, apparently!), my blender’s been put... Read more →
symbols mauro bex
Symbols… Ever Wondered What’s About Them? August 13, 2015 | Mauro Bex Since “early age” humans felt the need to carve things into the collective unconscious to pass it on to the next... Read more →
Banana Bread Audrey Chihocky Recipe Fashion Model
Cherry Walnut Banana Bread Recipe August 12, 2015 | Audrey Chihocky Hope you enjoy this alternative version of an old-time favorite as much as I do!... Read more →
Instagram Fashion Favorites: Swimwear Edition August 10, 2015 | Chloe Haldane Swimwear for Summer! Did you chose yours?... Read more →
Laura van Herck Fashion Model Bag
Oh My Bag! August 7, 2015 | Laura Van Herck What is in my purse? Let's have a look inside the purse of Model Laura van Herck... Read more →


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