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May 27, 2016 by Jeannette Huisman

When someone mentions Prague, the first things that comes to mind, at least my mind, are Beer & Sausages. Which is enough to convince me to go on a little trip.

So that’s what we did, a little weekend getaway. But what I found is that Prague has so much more to offer, so even to non-beer & non-sausage lovers I would definitely recommend to go!

My good friend Barbora who is born and raised in the city was so kind to show me around, not only did she take me to pretty little hotspots. She showed me some must see architectural beauties too!

Today I share one of these with you.

For breakfast:


PRAAG_2016_183 styl & interier

You can find this restaurant/interior shop in a beautiful hidden garden in Newtown. Not only can you buy all the cool interior stuff you see, they also serve very yummy breakfasts and teas. I went twice (that’s how much I love the place) and tried both the strawberry pancakes and a very yummy Czech-style omelet with ham and cheese. It’s a perfect spot to enjoy a bit of quiet time, in the sun or shade, energize for a day full of sightseeing. Accompanied by little birds singing and trying to seduce you to share a little piece of all the yumminess on your plate.

PRAAG_2016_180 styl & Interier

If you prefer to end the day in a cosy and serene setting…. Styl & Interier also serves delicious wines and bites! Just go here and you won’t be disappointed!

Website |

Adres | vodickova 35, 110 00 Praha 1

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